5 Grocery Stores With Ethical Meat + Eggs in the Greater Vancouver Area and Fraser Valley

So, I only eat free-range/friendly-to-the-animals-while-they-are-still-alive meat and eggs. The meat is a bit expensive, but it IS available at your handy dandy local grocery store, if you look hard enough. Also free-range and free-run eggs are pretty easy to find these days and aren’t too much more expensive than regular old cage eggs. I personally end up still eating a lot of Vegetarian dishes, simply because of our current budget (shout out to my student loans…!), but should I decide to treat myself, I simply head over to one of these local grocery chains.

1. The Town Butcher
Ok, this one’s for you Chilliwack folk. Right down on Yale road, near the high school, is The Town Butcher. They have heaps of free-range and local meats, eggs, etc. You can pick out big roast or some gluten-free sausages. Yum yum.

2. Save-On-Foods 
Well, this one should be called Spend-On-Foods, but I won’t get into that. They have many free-range meat and egg options. Chicken breasts fo sho, and I believe I even caught sight of some lamb and ribs at one of the Surrey locations. Most of the special stuff is located in a separate freezer, apart from the regular meat. Save-On also has a lot of meat (including bacon for all you baconivores) that’s raised without antibiotics or added hormones, if that’s your thing. You can also find free-range and free-run eggs easy peasy with the other eggs.

3. Fresh St. Market
In Surrey and West Van, you can get sooooooo many free-range or wild meats. Seriously. Chicken, fish, you name it, I’m pretty sure they got it…. plus there’s a little coffee shop/cafe thingy inside. It’s sort of like Whole Foods but smaller and less overwhelming… which brings us to…..

4. Whole Foods
Or, as a former roomie used to call it, “Whole Paycheck.” Haha! Shoutout to St.John’s Penthouse. Anyway, the thing I like about Whole Foods is that they grade their meat from level 1-5+, telling you just how free the animal really was on the farm. So if you simply want cage-free meat, or if you want meat from animals that were encouraged to pursue natural behavior or were even born and raised on the same farm, you can just go up to the counter and look at the rating. Plus all their eggs are cage free. Hooray!

5. Superstore
Believe it or not, Superstore carries meat that is free of hormones and antibiotics, and free range eggs. You do need to do some hunting for it, but I promise you it’s there.

Side Note: You will notice that I sometimes mention the price of the goods, and if you go shopping for cage-free and free-range, you will notice that the items are generally a couple dollars more expensive. Free-range stuff is more expensive because the farmer requires more land to raise the animals. therefore said farmer has more overhead, therefore must charge us more. However if more and more people start buying free range, the price will hopefully go down eventually (because that’s how things are supposed to work). So drop an extra buck or two (literally, that’s often the only difference) and help put this change in motion.

Other Side Note: at some point I will do a post about farms that you can buy directly from and skip the middle-man. Stay tuned.

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  1. Definitely didn’t know that Superstore and Save On Foods have that stuff! Time to switch grocery stores!! Thanks for sharing!

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