DIY in 10 Minutes!

On a rainy day, I love to do one of two things: stay inside and be creative, or find a cute new coffee shop or restaurant and do some blogging or reading. Today I was into my creative side. Now, you may have seen this DIY project already, but if not, here you go: my 10 minute, all-you-need-is-duct-tape, upcycled wedding decor earring holder.

Basically, I had these four items:
IMG_20150206_135649An old picture frame that we’d used to decorate the wedding. The glass and the part in the back that holds the photos in were both lost, and the back of the frame was a bit torn up so it wouldn’t be much good for displaying anywhere except against a wall.

– Army print duct-tape… because it surprisingly blends in pretty well with the frame, and the frame is plastic so it doesn’t take a nail very well. I taped the lace onto the back of the frame.

– Scissors obvs.

– Some lace that was left over from a scarf I made. But not just any lace. Find some that can be stretched a bit, and that has holes big enough to fit an earring hook through. I stretched my lace out a lot so that when I put the earrings in, they don’t pull the lace down and make it look saggy.IMG_20150206_135953


Women's Jumpsuits by People Tree

So then you work some magic and tape some lace and voila! You have a super-cute earring holder.

What are some other ways you’ve re-purposed or upcycled a picture frame or lace? Let me know and maybe I’ll get around to trying it one day!

P.S. Both the frame and the lace were found at a thrift shop for SUPER cheap!

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3 thoughts on “DIY in 10 Minutes!

  1. Love this!! So simple, easy and yet beautiful and elegant! I made something similar for a ring holder… but I’m such a fan of doing it slightly different like this and using it for earrings! Such a fan of upcycling!

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