Lammily – FINALLY A Doll With Normal-People Proportions

20150206_190622OK I am SO hyped about this doll! Not only does Lammily have the standard body proportions of a healthy 19 year old woman, but she is a world traveler and looks gorgeous!

I first heard about this project, which was crowdfunded and backed by over 13,620 people (including me!), about a year ago. Nickolay Lamm got the idea for a doll with normal proportions, posted it online, got the funds, and now here we are. We finally have an attractive, well-made doll that has a realistic body size and shape.

I am so passionate and excited about this project and I so want to see it succeed and grow into the future. I believe it’s very important for young women and men to see themselves represented positively in the shows they watch, music they listen to, books they read, and toys they play with. I believe that in even a small way, seeing “yourself” represented in either a positive way or negative way will help shape you as you grow up.

20150206_191051I love that if you browse the clothing pieces online that you can buy for Lammily, they are named after places in the world that Lammily has traveled to. Yay for a brave, adventurous representation of young women. Also the clothes are attractive but don’t bare all. Gosh. I’m gushing. I’m just so in love!


Women's Jumpsuits by People Tree

Another cool thing: you can purchase “Marks” for your doll, which are basically stick-20150206_191005ons that you can apply to your doll in order to make her more like you. Some of the stick ons include: casts, scrapes, acne, tattoos, or even stretch marks.

Seriously. Go check out this doll and consider adding her to your child’s toy box. Or, maybe you think that having super tall skinny dolls is no biggy anyway? Tell me your thoughts!

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8 thoughts on “Lammily – FINALLY A Doll With Normal-People Proportions

    1. Yeah I hope they do too! and I hope they put out some dolls of different racial backgrounds… too many dolls are Caucasian in my opinion. ..

  1. I heard about this project a while back! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this doll and the concept behind it… so thankful for others in this world who make change happen like this! So beautiful!

  2. Welcome to the Lammily club, April! 🙂 I purchased 2 of the dolls – one for myself and one for a little girl in my family. I never played with dolls much as a child, but, with Lammily I find myself all excited a giddy over her. I’ve been having so much fun making my own clothes for her. 🙂

    1. Hahaha I got pretty giddy too! more than I should have I think 😉 I played with dolls a lot and used to want ones that looked like me so I think this is perfect

    1. Is this THE Nickolay Lamm? I love the doll so much! I’m never taking it out of the box. I’ll keep it as a collectors item for myself! I showed it to my entire family at Christmas and after I explained the concept they all wanted to see it and everyone thought it was such a great idea 🙂

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