Have a Fair Trade Valentine’s Day (2 Easy Places to Find 5 Fair Trade Chocolate Brands)

I love chocolate. I love it way more than is probably normal or healthy.

However, I do not love it enough to enslave others so that I can get it for $1 less per chocolate4bar. So as of Valentine’s Day this year, The Man and I have committed to buying only fair trade chocolate. We know exactly where to get it easy peasy, so let me share with you.

1. London Drugs
Yeah, this surprised me too. But there I was the other day, perusing the chocolate and candy aisle when what did mine eyes behold but THREE different brands of Fair Trade, Organic and/or Non-GMO chocolate! Nestled right there in with the Cadbury and Lindt  and Toblerone and all that.

The brands to look for are Green & Black’s, Theo, and Zazubean. It’s a little hard to tell, but the colorful packages and the white packages at the top left of my quickly snapped photo are the Fair Trade ones. Yumm.


BTW Zazubean actually claims to be good for you because of the other stuff they’ve added into the bars or something. WELL I know what you’re thinking but I mean I’m not gonna argue with them. If the chocolate is good for me AND Fair Trade, load. me. up! Like what’s a girl to do with an offer like that? When I have improved health from eating Fair Trade, healthy chocolate and you don’t, you’ll be sorry. But aanyway…….

chocolate 2. Ten Thousand Villages.
Because what doesn’t TTV have?? Either online or in Abbotsford, Langley or Granville Island (in the Vancouver area), you can get chocolate or hot chocolate mix.

Lochocolate2ok in their food section for Camino (which is so so yummy btw!) or Divine…and I gotta say I am dying to try the milk chocolate with toffee and sea salt from Divine. Sounds delish!

Where else have you seen Fair Trade chocolate being sold? Know of any more brands that are easy to find? Let me know,  collaboration is a great way to learn!


Update: The “gluten free” or “health food” aisles are great places to search for fair trade chocolate!! I don’t know why, but that’s where they often are in bigger supermarkets.

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