Cute Sustainable Outfit of the Day

Today for my birthday The Man and I hit up the Nifty For Fifty sale on Main street in Vancouver (they’re open till 8! You can still make it!). I made sure to put on my cutest and most ethical outfit (sort of haha) and with some cash in the pocket, we headed down. Here for you is proof that thrifted things can be cute, and that hunting around and buying from small designers can be very rewarding.

P.s. sorry for the crappy image quality. These were all just taken with my phone.. we are saving for a quality camera, though, so stick with me! 😉




Top: Thrifted. Vinnie’s, Byron Bay, Australia
Skirt: Second Hand. Traded items with a friend.
Earrings: Unika, Chilliwack (I got them as a gift but I believe this particular artist takes old jewelery, dismantles it and turns it into cute new things.)



Letter necklace: Roadtrip Clothing, Ottawa.
Rough cut rock necklace: Rish Jewelry, Vancouver. Purchased at Nifty For Fifty!



Bracelet: Sarah Mulder Jewelery, Vancouver. I got this super fun piece at the Nifty For Fifty event for $15 because of a couple chips in the plating… when it’s usually $85(!!!!!).
But for real, on the Nifty For Fifty website, it states that the event is basically a glorified, cutified blowout sale for local shops and artisans.

I also picked up a new summer maxi dress, which I will certainly show photos of, and a cute wool dress for fall. I will also show photos of that one when I wear it. And hey, if you want some more info on sustainable or fair trade jewelry, check out my posts about sister brands Twigz and Maisha, and about 8 Places to Buy Ethical Jewelry Online.

So tell me what you think! Did you check out the sale? Have you heard of it before? This is the first time I’d ever heard of it or been there but I will certainly be going back!

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9 thoughts on “Cute Sustainable Outfit of the Day

  1. I absolutely LOVE your outfit (especially that beautiful stone necklace) and can share your adoration for thrifting. The rush you get from finding that one very special, totally unique piece makes me so happy! I like to take it one step further and open my mind to revamping pieces by cutting, sewing, dying or embellishing thrifted clothing/jewelery. I do it with shoes, too!

    Thank you for checking out my blog and being so truthful, your opinions mean a lot and I put a lot of thought into what you said. I like what you are doing here and think we have a lot of ideas in common. You are very genuine -that’s a great quality.

    looking forward to hearing more from you,

    1. Awe thank you Samm! That is very very kind of you! I think we have a lot of common ideas, and I appreciate that you also care about sustainable, alternative things!
      I also often take jewelry from thrift shops, take like 10 pieces apart and build a bunch of new things.

    2. Hey just fyi I’m quoting part of this comment in providing a link back to your site, in a post I’m working on. This comment gave me an idea for a post!

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