Girlfriend, It’s Time To Replace Those Gnarly Period Panties With…

UPDATE: THINX review has been posted

Remember that time you were in dance class, or on the bus, or in a meeting, or at the lake, or getting out of bed, or pretty much anywhere, and suddenly you became aware that wads of cotton and diaper-like liners are often no match for Mother Nature?

Enter Thinx, period panties that are changing the way we women think about Aunt Flo. These panties are pretty (lace, hello!), durable, and protect against spills and leaks. Apparently they feel like normal panties when on, and you can choose between the thong, boy-short or bikini style. Each style has a different amount of protection and coverage. Finally say goodbye to the ugly, noisy diapers we’ve been carrying around and spending millions on.

If you watch the video below, you can see that the technology that went into creating this wondrous line of undies is genius. The layers of specialized fabric absorb moisture and actually have anti-microbial properties. The fabric ‘wicks away’ moisture and helps keep you dry. I read a pile of reviews online and the ladies were raving about this product.

But wait, there’s more! If cute undies that will save you an embarrassing trip to the loo weren’t enough, Thinx has partnered with Afripads to provide women in the developing world with the supplies they need to continue attending work and school.

Afripads is a Uganda based organization that produces reusable feminine hygiene pads. The pads are produced locally to create sustainable and empowering work for women in rural Uganda. For every pair of Thinx underwear you purchase, seven Afripads will be produced for one woman, giving her the resources she needs to continue going to school.

Thought Clothing

So basically this whole situation is a win. A friend and I are going to test these things out and report back on our findings (don’t worry, I’ll keep it G rated). Would you try wearing these instead of a liner? Would you try them out in conjunction with panty liners? Is this too weird to discuss in the comment sections? Anyway, tell me what you think, watch this video and check out the Thinx and Afripads websites.




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6 thoughts on “Girlfriend, It’s Time To Replace Those Gnarly Period Panties With…

  1. Hey April!

    Sounds interesting… I’ve been using reusable pads paired with a menstrual cup for the past few months and it’s been really great so far. Its awesome being 100% garbage free on my period! I’d love to hear how you feel about the Thinx – they sound super-cute!

    Semi-relevant, this link reminded me of you and I thought you may be interested to read it :

    1. Yes I will let you know how it goes once I try them out! Thanks for sending me that link, I’ll check it out!

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