The Dirty Dozen – Foods To Watch Out For

One of the amazing things about being a hair stylist is talking to my customers all day. It is legit an extrovert’s dream come true. One of the amazing things about talking to customers and clients all day is that I learn a lot. So many people from so many industries sit in my chair and tell me what they do for a living, what their lifestyles are like, what they do to stay healthy, etc.

One such customer was explaining to me the history of various cancers in her family, and what she does to minimize her risk of developing cancer in the future. Among rituals like wearing a lot of sunscreen and using all natural beauty products, she is extremely careful about how many chemicals and pesticides she ingests. Her top suggestion for easily avoiding pesticides? The Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen list.

What are the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen lists?

The Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen are lists of produce that typically contain the most and least amount of pesticides by the time they reach the consumer, as reported by the Environmental Working Group. This list exists to help consumers prioritize which produce they should always buy organic, and which produce they don’t need to worry about as much. David Suzuki’s website acknowledges that buying organic is expensive and not always possible for everyone, and can be a bit confusing. So if you’re thinking of making the switch to organic, these lists will help you choose which foods to start with.

Please understand that the Dirty Dozen is not a list of produce to stop buying. It is a list of produce to be careful of and buy organic when possible. If you want to learn even more about this, either follow the links above or click here.

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So without further ado……

The Dirty Dozen 

  1. Apples
  2. Celery
  3. Cherry Tomatoes
  4. Cucumbers
  5. Grapes
  6. Nectarines
  7. Peaches
  8. Potatoes
  9. Snap Peas
  10. Spinach
  11. Strawberries
  12. Sweet Bell Peppers

The Clean Fifteen

  1. Asparagus
  2. Avocados
  3. Cabbage
  4. Cantaloupe
  5. Cauliflower
  6. Eggplant
  7. Grapefruit
  8. Kiwi
  9. Mangoes
  10. Onions
  11. Papayas
  12. Pineapples
  13. Sweet Corn
  14. Sweet Peas (if frozen)
  15. Sweet Potatoes

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7 thoughts on “The Dirty Dozen – Foods To Watch Out For

  1. Hey April,

    These lists are awesome. Thank you so much! I eat nectarines, peaches and strawberries on an almost daily basis, because they’re lower carb/low GI fruits, so it’s very good to know that I should try to buy organic versions of these foods whenever possible. And, since I eat so many avocados and a lot of cantaloupe, it’s great to know I’m safe to stick with the regular varieties to save some money.

    Thanks for such a helpful tip! Keep up the great work!!

    1. For sure! I was pretty excited when I saw the list. It makes it so much easier to navigate!

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