Salt Spring coffee haul, and where to easily find Fair Trade coffee

This Canada Day, my family and I ferried to Saltspring Island for a day trip to visit my sister. I had not intended to buy things there. I had intended to be frugal and under control: visit my sister, take in the scenery, enjoy the sunshine and gorgeous ocean, annoy some crabs. I did do all those things, yes. But then Thrifty Foods was having a huge sale on Kicking Horse coffee, and the Salt Spring Coffee store had a buy one get one deal on, and, well, you know the rest.


I am so excited to try all these different roasts. I have been sampling different fair trade, direct trade, or fair to farm medium and dark roast coffees for the last several months. I have so far tried Republica in Fort Langley’s coffee, Level Ground from Ten Thousand Villages, Ethical Bean, Kicking Horse, and next I will try Salt Spring Coffee.

Of the brands I’ve tried, I think I like Republica’s the best, but I’ll leave the details for another post. What is your favorite fair trade or direct trade coffee? Have any suggestions for coffees I should try? I would love to hear your feedback!

By the way, you can usually find these brands and others in the “health food” or “gluten free” aisles at grocery stores. I don’t know why fair trade items like these are generally shoved into “health” or “gluten free” aisles (that’s usually where the fair trade chocolate is too), but that’s typically where I find them at Save-On, Independent, Safeway, and Superstore.

At London Drugs, I usually find the fair trade chocolate and coffee right near the other chocolate and coffee, which I think is because London Drugs focuses on and caters more to the organic, local, fair trade, sustainable, eco-friendly type crowd (a.k.a. those of us you don’t want to end up talking to at a party) than a lot of other chain stores. London Drugs is actually pretty underrated, in my opinion.

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