Green Works isn’t all that green, after all….

wpid-20150709_092609Oh friends, I promised you that I would share my triumphs in this journey as well as my epic failures. So to make good on my claim, I bring you this post.

A few months ago I was in Walmart looking for a new alternative cleaner. I didn’t really think I would find anything, being that it’s Walmart and they tend to carry whatever’s cheapest, and typically eco-friendly things are not the cheapest. So there I was, staring at shelves and shelves of dish soap and bathroom cleaner, when I spotted Green wpid-20150709_092604Works. The packaging is pretty, there’s that little flower on the bottle, and there is some spiel on the back about no harsh chemicals and whatnot. Well, I grabbed that bottle of dish soap and I grabbed a bunch more of their products: bathroom cleaner, all purpose cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, window cleaner, etc. I thought I would trust the packaging for now (bad idea, *NEVER TRUST THE PACKAGING*) and look up the details later.

I forgot to look up the details later, but we continued buying Green Works. Don’t ask me why, because I don’t know. We’re human and we’re dumb I guess?

Then, just a couple weeks ago, The Man finally got the bright idea to do a search for the best eco-friendly cleaning products, because we were putting together a gift basket for our cousins who are getting married this summer. Being the smart husband that he is, he went to the EWG website and punched in Green Works.

Green Works basically¬†has more Fs than I’ve ever seen on any “green” product we’ve checked up on thus far.

Of 18 products reviewed and graded on the EWG A-F scale,
– 1 product scored a B,
– 4 products scored Cs,
– 13 products scored Fs.

That’s pretty dismal, compared to a lot of other eco cleaners (a post about this is on its way). The fact that there are so many alternative cleaners out there that score pretty well on the EWG scale tells me that Clorox, who makes Green Works, didn’t try very hard to actually be eco-friendly, but instead just wanted a piece of the green market pie.

Green Works, you won this round. But after our current supplies are finished, we will be switching and trying some new brands. So there!

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7 thoughts on “Green Works isn’t all that green, after all….

  1. Gotta’ say … I worked for Walmart a bit over 5 years ago. While there for a while, I was the Dept. Mgr. for “Chemicals” That’s what they call that aisle ,with all the soaps and cleaners. While running that Dept. They came up with the notion … Wal-Mart was going green? They bought in some real honest to goodness, environmentally safer products. Switched out their light bulbs and put in some recycling bins. I set up the soap display. They were stocking a brand that our local co-op had been carrying for a long time. I was happy! For now I had two places to buy it and true to their maxim it was cheaper at Walmart. That lasted, oh about six months and now they only carry that Green Works stuff, that really isn’t and doesn’t. I went back to the co-op and continued to buy it out of their bulk section. Can’t remember the brand? Yet the Co-op was always conscientious with their research buying organic and sourcing within a hundred miles whenever possible, etc.

    My own cleaning habits are to avoid as much as possible that which is a brand product. I buy lots of baking soda, vinegar , borax, etc. “Fessing up”, I still buy bleach once in a while and pride myself to see how long I can go without buying another bottle. I’ve found “Mean Green” and dilute it from the big bottle into a spray bottle. Works well, but is still just chemicals that are less harmful to the environment.

    Nothing is ever perfect. Vegetable dyes sound good, but the mordants used to fix them are far more hazardous than the comparable chemical ones. … go figure? So on, etc.

    I mean let’s face it we’re all slaves. One way or another. Yet the international bankers feed off of human suffering and misery. My suffering and your misery and those living on the end of a runway in New Delhi. I look at it as a result of karma. We need to build up good karma in this life, so that the next one is less of a pain, etc. The notion of chowing down on the flesh of a warm-blooded mammal, is abhorrent to me. I brake for birds in the street and so on.

    Good for you April R may there be more compassionate people/bloggers, etc. Whether you are on Blogger or WordPress. Likely Blogger is better? I have one on both platforms, but I use WordPress more. Cheers Jamie.

  2. Very informative blog!! I especially like that you’re a very Eco-friendly product user because you don’t see them everywhere. The facial expressions are a plus :))

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