Onesta Natural, Vegan Hair Care

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Happy Sunday, everyone! Last night I went to see Pitch Perfect 2 with some girlfriends, and before I get into this product review, I just want to applaud the entire team that worked on PP2. Seriously, that movie was so cheesy and awesome at the same time.

OK moving along to Onesta. This company is rad for so many reasons. They are vegan, eco-friendly, and use natural ingredients where they can. The company claims to eliminate harmful chemicals and synthetic fragrances from all their products. They off-set their carbon footprint by using renewable energy, and donate 10% of profits to finding a cure for cancer. wpid-20150520_0953042-jpg1

I personally own the moisturizing shampoo, and love it. I used to use Onesta at the first salon I worked in after hair school, and fell so in love with the product, I’ve been using it ever since. My husband even started using the shampoo and he loves it (he even claims that it helps with his dandruff).

I also own the volumizing foam, which is good for people with thick hair who regularly blowdry and then curl their hair…. which would be me. Every day. I do find that if you put in too much of the foam, and then don’t blowdry it in, your hair may feel a little tacky to the touch, so I think this particular product is good for certain people who style their hair a certain way.

Onesta has a range of products, from the ones I show here to a paste for short hair (which is so awesome btw), a volumizing shampoo and conditioner, color care shampoo and conditioner, you name it. I should also note that I have products with old packaging. The new packaging is so much prettier. 

Thought Clothing

You can buy Onesta online, or use their salon finder to help find a place that sells it.

Have you ever heard of Onesta before? Have you used it? Let me know what you think, and if you’re typically open to trying new hair products!

Thanks for reading, have a great week!

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