Thinx Underwear Review (AKA Life-Changing Period Products For Women) – A Guest Blog

I would like to warn everyone that this post will discuss periods and all things related to said lady problem. Proceed at your own caution. So since my birth control makes my period highly irregular and it could be literally months before I have a proper occasion to test out these fabulous undies, a brave friend graciously volunteered to bring you a review of the Thinx period panties, which I had previously written about. My dear friend Brittany is a fabulous lady – the kind of person who will write a guest post about her period and still allow me to put a photo of her face on the blog. Yeah. That kind of awesome friend! She is constantly sending me cool ideas for this blog, and is actually the one who alerted me to the existence of Thinx in the first place. Check out her bio below and follow her on Instagram (@therealbtegs)! So here is Brittany’s review of Thinx. An honest girl-talk review of one of the best inventions since iced coffee on a hot summer’s day. Enjoy!


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Thinx Underwear are amazing pieces of underwear goodness that will change your ever-bleeding female life for the better. These underwear do it all – adorable, comfortable, and yet absorbent-as-all-heck. I’ll admit, I was more than a skeptic… that’s why I ordered all three pairs. Because I am skeptical, yet optimistic to a fault, apparently! These undies are CAYUUUUTE, I tell ya! They far outshine my prior period underwear collection… those old granny’s ain’t got nothin’ on these bad boys! (Not to mention some of my regular undies… thanks, Thinx. Now I have to up my whole panty game?! Woe is me!) My review is based on my past three cycles of terror, and I am currently on a birth-controlled flow that is usually about four days long and 2-3 pads a day, depending. Yes, pads. No judging. Every period-person picks her lady-part poison for different purposes. The liquid measurements given below are from their website, and based on my experience as well as others I’ve seen online, I would say that they are pretty darn accurate!

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Think Panties styles in medium
All three medium pairs that I ordered. CUTE right?!

The thong is super lacy and super cute! The lace is very stretchy and therefore really comfy, and is sort of in between a mid to low rise. I would say that these fit a tad looser than the other two types. If you’re hesitant or between sizes, I’d go down a size because the stretch WILL make up for it (if I order another pair I will defs get a small next time, personally)! This pair is definitely great for that super light day at the end of your period when you’re feelin’ super fly and are all like “GIRL, I’M ALMOST DONE, YEAHH!”. It’s able to hold about half a tampon’s worth of blood, which is more than you can say for that sad wadded up toilet paper or ill-fitting pantyliner that you try to get away with. You know we’ve all done it. You know, when you’re trying to trick yourself into thinking that you’re done your period so you can wear those comfy yoga pants out without having a giant panty line? Yeah. Those times. I don’t go through that anymore. Be jealous. No leaks so far for this girl! The cheeky – my personal fave – is this hot little pair for when you aren’t feelin’ so hot. It is perfect for your lighter days when you still want to feel pretty even though you are beginning the onslaught of uterine war that has been dealt to you. It has adorable delicate lace edging on the top and bottom edges and feels silky smooth, so you don’t have to worry about trying to slip into those skinny jeans! It holds a tampon’s worth of blood, so I wear this pair on my light/medium days (sometimes with a pad or panty liner, if I’m being a scaredy cat) and have not had a leak to speak of so far! Last but not least, is the hiphugger. Like the cheekies, they are silky goodness and have a cute lace trim at on the top band. These beautiful beasties boast that they can hold up to two tampons’ worth of blood – which is pretty darn impressive. I was most skeptical about this pair… so naturally I wore them to work on my first day with them (LOL at my ridiculous sense of courage). They held up. No joke. My entire work day I kept checking to no avail – these undies hold up to their promises! Full disclosure, I love that if my flow is goin’ like mad and I’m getting nervous about leakage, I can easily put a pad with wings on over the already used surface and can keep going like the pretty princess that I feel like (the black magic woman-surface dries pretty fast and the outside-bottom part is never wet, so you’re good to go!). Just a heads up, that this pair will feel a little tighter than the cheekies, but you want it to! You don’t want none of that rogue raging rouge flood slippin’ through! Now, to put your minds at ease: THESE DO NOT FEEL LIKE PADS OR STIFF GROSS UNDIES. The magical black lining at the bottom of all pairs of underwear is completely flexible and isn’t thick at all. Seriously looked at these and was all like “What witchcraft is this?!”. Pure magic. Magical science. Thank you, Jesus! While I feel that these replace panty liners (if not pads/tampons for some ladies) for good – you know your red curse of death best: if yo’ flow be outta control, girl you slap on that extra period protection and let this back you up! BTW clean up’s a breeze – you rinse, wash, and hang ‘em up! Boom. I’m a washer and dryer only kinda gal (AKA lazy) and one would think these would be no exception to my regular routine. Lo’ and behold, these gems are so worth pulling out to hang dry that my laziness goes out the window – not to mention that they are so cute, you won’t mind letting them hang out in plain view. Best ever. Bleed on, ladies. Bleed on.

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  1. Good to know! Sounds interesting – I’d totally try them out!

    One thing that I don’t like too much about reusable pads is that it doesn’t dry fast enough and starts to feel squishy & wet. Did you notice any of that? I feel like it would be so weird walking around without protection and feeling that all up in your hoochie. Paranoia much?

    Kudos to you, Brittany for wearing them to work! Brave soul.

    1. Hm, I don’t know about the not drying fast enough bit. I’ll have to ask her. I think she did mention that they dry quickly and you don’t really feel the dampness

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