Another failure post – because I may as well marry plastic bags at this point.

Hello, friends. Recall how I said in an earlier post how I and The Man are giving up plastic bags  forever, starting now? Welp, in the spirit of keepin’ it real, I would like to tell you a story.

Yesterday, my friend and fellow blogger, Brittany, and I went shopping. We hit up some awesome local Chilliwack shops, got some legit natural deodorant (post coming soon) and some super cute consignment items. Also I found an apron with teacups all over it so obviously I had to buy that.

Whilst paying for and collecting my apron, D.O. and this awesome clutch/purse thingy, the following happened:
Cash lady: “wouldja like a bag?”
Me: “YESH.”

This is lizzza, not Brittany. FYI.
This is lizzza, not Brittany. FYI.

Yeah, she gave me that face because apparently my friends are more up on my life than I am. It was not until I actually got all the way back into Surrey that I realized… I had already failed at not using bags. And I had failed the day prior at the grocery store.

Apparently I need to put a sticky note on my forehead so the store people know to deny me bags.

Thought Clothing

So I will start over today. No more bags. I have put a reusable one in my new purse and will hopefully remember to use it. And I mean, I guess one or two bags isn’t killing the planet… but I just wanted to share this anyway because I think it’s important that we all feel comfortable talking about our failures, be they tiny or enormous. I really believe that’s the only way anything is going to change – is if we can openly discuss what’s working, what’s not, and support each other.

I’ll now see myself and my Birkenstocks out.

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11 thoughts on “Another failure post – because I may as well marry plastic bags at this point.

  1. Hugs, I’ve been using cloth bags for groceries for 2 years. I’ve gotten good at always getting them out of the car. But when it comes to getting other shopping things if I remember to take a bag with me I only remember half the time. It just too easy to let the clerk automatically put it in plastic. A big hug you are doing it for the big thing!

    1. Thanks willow! Its not easy, but it is worth it. Such a tiny inconvenience for the greater good. And once I get the hang of it, it will just come naturally.

  2. This post is so real. Lol! It really isn’t until you are trying to avoid plastic, that you realize how challenging it is! I am so very proud of you, though! GO APRIL GO APRIL GO APRIL 😀

  3. this is the best thing I’ve read all day – it made me chuckle and not feel quite so bad for the things I do every single day which are accidentally quite the opposite of sustainable. Good luck for keeping going with no plastic bags from now on!

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