5 Amazing Thrift and Vintage Shops In The Vancouver Area To Visit Now

Hey, friends! This post is a continuation of my participation in the #secondhandfirst event. Basically people post photos to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter of awesome thrift, vintage and consignment finds in order to promote buying second hand. When I heard about the event I was so thrilled, because I LOVE thrift shopping and consignment shopping. I also love dropping off clothes that I don’t wear to the consignment store and hoping for some extra cash to come my way!

For this post, I thought I’d share some of my favourite places to hunt down amazing deals and steals on good quality second-hand items. I often find name brand items, and have spotted several designer pieces in these stores. I think that if you’re looking for deals, popping into a second-hand store is a great option over going to a big box store. Not that you should never shop at big box stores, I mean I shop there sometimes too! However thrift/consignment/vintage shopping is such an easy, fun way to cut down on your environmental impact, and score a deal at the same time.

So I hope this helps you Vancouverites who read my blog to find a new shop to visit. If you’re not from Vancouver, I hope this inspires you to explore some thrift, vintage or consignment shops near you and see what they have to offer! It can and will be so rewarding, but if you feel you need some help with how to thrift shop, check out my post on 7 Tips To Become an Expert Thrifter.

My Top 5 Thrift, Vintage, and Consignment Shops in Vancouver


Front & Company. Oh man. I don’t even want to tell you the number of hours I’ve spent browsing in the Main street store! This shop just carries so much awesome stuff. Part new, part second-hand, this is one of the best thrift/consignment stores on Main, in my opinion, because there is something for everyone there. Funky jewelry, Mat n Nat bags, the cutest second-hand shoes, well-priced second hand clothing. I’ve spotted brands from Forever 21 to Zara to Guess on the consignment racks. I know they are very picky about the items they accept, so you know you’ll always get a great deal on something that’s like new.

Turnabout Clothing. This is actually the store I was dragged to in the story in my last blog, about making thrift shopping a hobby. Basically, if you want name brand and designer clothing for essentially zero dollars compared to the regular price, go here. There are locations on Main, Broadway, Granville, and in South Surrey. The thing I love about this shop is that you can literally find items for $3, or $300. They carry everything from Joe Fresh to Burberry. No joke. Every time I’m on Main I like to pop in and see what’s there that week! My favourite item I’ve picked up from Turnabout is the green clutch you see in the images.

Thrift vintage clothing
Boots: H+M, found for $12 at Unika. Pants: Gloria Vanderbilt, found for $4 at Salvation Army. Clutch: Neto, found for $10 at Turnabout.

Unika. With locations in both Langley and Chilliwack, this store is relatively close for those in the city and those in the Valley. This store mixes new and used items, and will take in your old clothes for consignment. I have both purchased consignment here and dropped off consignment, and I can tell you that they are picky about what they accept – which is a good thing! It means you know you’ll get great stuff when you go in! I like Unika because the prices are pretty reasonable and the second hand items are always on trend. The boots you see in the photo above came from here!

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The Salvation Army Thrift Store at 3rd and Lonsdale in North Vancouver. This seems like the unlikeliest hero of the bunch. Trust me, I get it. I typically think of the Sally Ann as the home of bizarre flood pants and matching 80’s tracksuits. Not the place to score awesome jeans (such as the ones in the photos!) and brand name jackets. But, that is what you’ll find here. Since moving to Vancouver, we’ve hit this thrift store more times than I can count and found furniture, clothing, kitchen storage, candles, etc, etc. Good quality second hand goods for so cheap. Doesn’t get much better than that.

CityReach Community Closet. Ok, this isn’t really a shop, it’s more like an event that happens on the last Saturday of every month at the Warehouse Gym (on Slocan right beside Broadway Church, which runs the CityReach program). I will personally be attending this week, as my first time actually going there. In the past I’ve just sent a friend to grab me anything she thought I’d like, because she worked there and knew my style… and like in the photo below, almost all of my cute scarves come from this sale. I also have several t-shirts and sweaters she picked up for me at this sale. And best of all: you can fill a plastic bag for $3. THREE. DOLLARS. This is a broke Vancouverite’s dream!

Cashmere scarf found at CityReach Community Closet... for $3!!
Cashmere Pashmina found at CityReach Community Closet… for $3!!

I hope you all liked this post and found it helpful! If I missed a thrift or consignment store that you absolutely love, be sure to leave a comment about it so I can go check it out, and make sure you check back this week for more tips on buying second hand!

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