Daily inspiration, easy-to-find happiness

Some days you just don’t know what to do with yourself. So instead of doing anything productive, you play Clash of Clans, think of inspiring things and make yourself a potato.

Sometimes this waste of time actually turns into an impromptu blog post. One about inspiring things.

What inspires you, this holiday season? I’ve always been inspired by strange, seemingly mundane things – the way my fingers work to undo a knot, the bus driver who’s always on time and smiling. Hot coffee on a rainy day, the fact that I can choose the volume of music and have it softly waft through my apartment as if pushed by the breeze through my window.

It’s only in recognition of the small accomplishments that our positive attitude can continue to flourish.

Anyone can recognize a large accomplishment or a big sacrifice. It’s easy to say, “nice work getting promoted!”
“Congrats on graduating!”
“Thanks for driving me to the airport.”
“I really appreciate you helping me move.”

It’s harder to recognize and be thankful for the fact that the barrista is exhausted, but still made your coffee exactly how you like it.
That you have no food intolerances.
That university is subsidized in Canada.
That rain boots exist.
That the bus driver is smiling at you.
That the incessant Vancouver rain provides us with beautiful, fertile forests.
That your perfume stayed on all day.
That you can read.
That women can wear pants in Canada.
That mental health is a thing we actually talk about now.
That you can taste good wine.
That you own a toothbrush.
That potatoes can be done a billion ways.
That eye-shadow comes in a hundred different shades of gold.

There are so many things to be thankful for. You can do a lot for your own confidence and mental health by finding those things.

And don’t get me wrong – the big things are certainly worth celebrating and feeling awesome about. But they don’t usually happen super frequently, which is why it’s important to take note of the things that do happen frequently and make life enjoyable.

That is all.


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