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Holiday Traditions: Giving Back

With Christmas nearly upon us, I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about what I’ll get for my family, how to make time to visit everyone, how to get the baking done, holiday traditions we are starting, how much I love seeing the beautiful tree.

My husband and I have decided to start a couple holiday traditions as a married couple: each year, buy ourselves a Christmas candle, and a new board game (because we both love games and candles … but they can be kind of expensive so realllllly nice candles can be hard to justify sometimes).

What are your holiday traditions? Do you bake a million cookies? Hang an ornament handed down through generations? Traditions are SO FUN, and can help bring family and friends together. I know people who seem to have billions of holiday traditions which go on for the entirety of the holiday season… and I think that’s amazing!

I’d love to know what your traditions are, leave them in the comments! Here’s a couple new ones for you to add, if you haven’t already: giving time, and giving back.

A few ideas of how to do it:


Women's Jumpsuits by People Tree
  • donate to a charity – Hope for the Nations, World Vision, or a local organization
  • purchase sustainable gifts – follow the link to see my ultimate list!
  • volunteer – anywhere!
  • find 5 items of quality, lightly used clothing and bring them to an organization like Big Brothers/Big Sisters
  • spend extra time with your family – trust me, your parents and grandparents will LOVE you for it
  • pay a genuine compliment to your coworkers

You can totally incorporate any of these things into your holiday customs. Make the goal to do at least one act of kindness or one thing that gives back between Dec 1 and Jan 1. Or any time of year. It’s not like YOU MUST DO IT THIS MONTH OR NEVER AGAIN!

Anyway, Christmas is a lot of fun, I love wrapping beautiful gifts and seeing them wait for me under the tree… but that’s not what Christmas is all about.

Christmas is about love, about helping others, about showing everyone in your life how much you care about them.

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