Cute, reusable totes

Hey, friends! This post is for those of you who want to cut out plastic bags but aren’t into carrying frumpy reusable totes into Sephora. No, we are not about that life, are we? For most of us, gone are the days of slowly perusing down to the market with our baskets to pick up fresh produce. Plus you can’t fit a straw basket into your purse, can you?! I like cute reusable totes that I can easily shove in my purse and carry with me while at the mall, and won’t feel embarrassed about whipping out in Sephora or Zara. So while the bags you get at Superstore or Save-On are perfectly functional and work wonderfully for a great many things, here are a few options when you need something a little prettier and roll-up-and-shove-in-the-purse-able.

BAGGU. If you want a bag that is tough, light, affordable, visually appealing and can be rolled up to fit in your purse or backpack, this is the bag for you! There are styles to fit anyone’s taste (including cat prints, hello!) and you can find many different sizes on their site. I’ve also seen BAGGU in random shops (I think I saw it in Plenty once?) but I couldn’t tell you where to consistently find them… so just look online to be safe!

the tote project. SO I’m a little bit in love with this company, even though I haven’t actually purchased anything from them….. yet. I’ve only spent about 800 hours trying to decide which clutch to buy as a new makeup bag. Anyway. The million things that are great about these totes are: they are made by human trafficking survivors. Made out of organic cotton, recycled saris, and eco-friendly inks. Manufactured in a fair trade certified facility. A percentage of profits (depending on the item) goes towards helping those at risk and survivors of human trafficking. On top of all that, the water-colour prints are so. freaking. cute. Check it out. Seriously do it.

Indigo/Chapters. So Indigo (Chapters? I don’t understand this company!) has several options. A couple super adorable options by Kate Spade, which are actually pretty affordable, and some cute, sassy options, which I think are by Indigo. I linked my favourites, but browse around the site and look for yourself!

TOMS One for One: With Every Product that you Purchase, TOMS will Help a Person in Need. One for One. Learn More at

LUSH. Do I really need to give you another excuse to go to LUSH? Their tote prints are a liiiiittle crazy for me, but if you like bright colours and funky prints, look no further than the Magic Hare LUSH totes. An added bonus: the bags are made by a fair trade women’s cooperative in India!


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