Thinx Underwear Review… Number Two!

Hello, my friends! So you may recall a previous post by my good friend Brittany on her thoughts about Thinx Underwear. Well, this is my review. Quick disclaimer before we get into it: this post will discuss all things period related – the good, the bad, and the sorta yucky, haha. Ladies, you know what I mean! So anyway, this is the Thinx Underwear Review Number Two… so let’s get started!

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These undies are rad for three main reasons:
1. They feel (and look) like regular panties and keep you dry while looking after your monthly issue. Goodbye icky granny-panties.
2. The company gives back by supporting women in developing countries every time you purchase a pair!
3. They are reusable, eco-friendly alternative and pretty easy to clean at home.

Let us discuss Thinx underwear.

First, I shall expand upon the positives. 

1 – These really do feel like regular undies. I own the “cheeky” pair, which I tested out during my last two periods. I mainly used them at home the first time, because unlike Brittany, I am not a psycho with a social death wish. I was hella nervous, I gotta admit. I was thinking that even though these get rave reviews, I would be that one person who stood up and looked they’d just poured a whole bottle of ketchup on their crotch. Well, that was not the case, thankfully. My Thinx underwear held up like a dream and did not leak once! On heavy days I’d use these as a panty liner and wear a tampon, and then on lighter days I just wore my Thinx panties. The best part is that you feel pretty dangin’ dry the whole time. It’s a WHAT IS THIS SORCERY moment when you realize you’ve been bleeding for hours and barely even feel any dampness in your downstairs.

2 – Thinx gives back. A lot. Every time you purchase a pair of Thinx period panties, the company gives to AFRIpads, an organization in Uganda that trains and employs women to sew re-usable sanitary pads. Girls can then purchase affordable and sustainable pads, which will allow them to go to school every day of the month. This is massive, because in developing countries impoverished girls and women often can’t afford disposable pads or tampons, and so when they get their period they have to miss out on work and school. I suggest you go to the Thinx website and read all about it for yourself!

3 – They are reusable (eco-friendly!) and easy to clean. The amount of waste generated from disposable pads and tampons is enormous. Usually on my period I’d probably go through about 1-2 tampons and 3ish panty liners or pads per day (including overnight pads), and my period usually lasts a week (6-7 days). So for each period I’d use up around 10-12 tampons and about 20 pads/liners of varying sizes. That is wasteful and expensive! These cut that out without too much hassle or grossness. Yes please!


Having said all those lovely things, I feel I must be honest with you all and highlight the two negatives of these undies.

1 – They are an investment. At the initial purchase time, these feel like a blow to your bank account. One pair will run you about $30. However, as I said above, I probably saved 2 tampons and 3 pads or panty liners for each day that I wore these. Add that up for 4-7 days (depending on your flow) and you easily save about $15 per period. So each pair more than pays for itself in 2 cycles, and they are so. much. more. comfy. than. pads. 

2 – It would be awkward to travel with these. I don’t think I’d take these to stay at a hotel or friend’s house, because rinsing them out in my friend’s shower or whatever would be awkward and maybe unsanitary. These panties are best suited for use at time when you will be cleaning them at home, which thankfully for most of us is most days… I think.

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A few tips and words of advice:

THE SHOWER IS YOUR BEST FRIEND. On the website they say to rinse, cold wash with no fabric softener, then hang dry your undies. WELL I don’t really cold wash anything else, so I would always hand wash my undies, and this is where the shower comes in. At the end of the day, I would just get in the shower with my undies on and let the water and shampoo do 90% of the work. By the time I was done my shower, the undies were already fairly clean and I’d just quickly throw a drop of laundry soap on them, suds it up for a sec and ring ’em out. Works like a dream.

These hangers are perfection when you go to dry your undies. I always hung up my undies with one of these hangers after I cleaned them, with a rag or towel underneath to catch the water drips. By the time you come back to them the next morning, they’re pretty much dry and ready to re-use.

Use this to hand up your Thinx underwear!
Use this to hang up your Thinx underwear!

It may take you a while to get used to not feeling like a sopping mess. The first time I wore these to work, I swear I went to the bathroom every 20 minutes to make sure I wasn’t leaking. They psyched me out so bad because it’s such a strange thing to know you’re on your period but not feel like a sopping nasty mess. To be honest, I’m still not over the wierdness of feeling dry while Niagara falls pours out my cupcake. I think it’ll take me a few more cycles to fully get used to it … but I want to get there, and I will! If other women can get used to it, so can I.


Girls, I hope you found this review helpful, and I strongly recommend you also read Brittany’s review for a second opinion, then go buy yourself a pair or two. Seriously. So worth it.


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9 thoughts on “Thinx Underwear Review… Number Two!

  1. I really wanted to like these and support this company, but unfortunately that’s not what happened. I bought 7 pairs right up front, and it took a long time for them to get delivered. Apparently they did not have them in stock. When they finally did arrive, I ended up needing to exchange some due to the fit. When I contacted THINX to do so, I was denied. Terrible customer service! I only asked to exchange the pairs that were unopened in original packaging, but my request was refused. They do not even have a contact phone number – you can only email. I can’t support a company that treats its customers badly. It’s really unfortunate.

    1. Wow, that’s really unfortunate! I’m sorry that happened! I hope they’ve learned from that mistake and have corrected their policies!

  2. I don’t even remember how I lived before Thinx, lol! 🙂 I bought myself a pair some months back and keep meaning to buy a second (to wear while the first pair is washing/ hang-drying). I’ve never had any issues with traveling with them, but I also use them more as pantie-liners than pads. Between my Yuuki Cup and my Thinx I have never had to buy another tampon or pad or create any more waste. 🙂

    1. Wow! That’s very inspiring. I hope to be like you one day – no tampons or anything, mainly because they’re wasteful and contain a lot of toxins.

      1. It’s seriously worth looking into menstrual cups to catch the bulk of your flow. There are many different brands and each is slightly different. If you’ve already had a kid or are near(or over) 30 then it’s an even better investment as you can just get the bigger cup size and never need to buy another if you take care of it.

        The one thing I will say is that you need to not get squicked out about cleaning it – or getting your fingers a bit messy getting it out (but you’re supposed to wash your hands anyway!) And even medical grade silicone will pick up some staining (what was once clear now has some dark brown tinges – I’ve been using it over a year now). But, simply rinse it out and boil it to sterilize and you’re good. Yuuki is a fairly inexpensive brand that ran me about $25-30.

        1. Yeah a few friends use the diva cup, so I’ve been thinking about trying it. The thing is my period is so irregular I wonder if its worth it. I think I’ll give it a go pretty soon, because the idea of not buying any more tampons is pretty appealing . they get pricy after a while and like I said before, I don’t like that they contain so many toxins!

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