TAKE THEE TO LUSH to support the Syrian refugees… and maybe buy a few bath bombs

This is the story of how an outing to LUSH became an opportunity to support Syrian refugees. So, since I was
a) looking for a gift for someone and
b) in search of a cleansing mask on account of the worst acne break out I’ve experienced in years,

I obviously went to LUSH. After smelling pretty much every single perfume and bath bomb in there, the store lady sensed that I was ready to be helped and came over to assist me in finding the appropriate face mask (which I will try this week and report back on. Maybe. If I get around to writing something about it.)

As we were discussing all the deliciousness inside LUSH, she mentioned that they were selling a particular soap called the Hand of Friendship, and that all proceeds from the sale were to go towards the Friendship Fund, which helps various organizations to provide relief for the Syrian refugees arriving in North America. The store lady said that LUSH was trying to raise around $300,000 (I think) to help the refugees settle.

WELL even though I already have 800 soaps, I bought one of the Hand of Friendship ones because it’s pretty, and it smells like cherry blossoms, and I care a lot about helping the refugees feel welcomed and cared for. So for $5.95 you get an awesome soap (which is massive, btw) and can offer support to people who need it.

Another cool thing is when you visit one of the brick-and-mortar stores, you can fill out a welcome post-card with a welcome message, which will be sent out via the organizations that LUSH supports.

So, go to LUSH, get some pretty body products, and do some good while you’re at it. If nothing else, it’s an excuse to go in there!


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