My Favourite Green Cleaners

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Hello, friends! I hope you’re all enjoying the spring sun as much as I am lately. My mood is about 600x better when it’s sunny out vs. the notoriously stubborn Vancouver rain. The only thing I find frustrating about the sun is the headaches it gives me… honestly bright sunny days are just headaches waiting to happen for me! Sunglasses are really my saviours – the sun won’t hurt my eyes and I won’t scrunch up my face so much (which tightens my muscles and makes my head hurt). Aaaanyway, the sudden sunshine has also been inspiring us to get some cleaning done, which is the quintessential ushering in of spring, right? I vacuumed and dusted out the car,  cleaned the bedroom (which is messy again but whatever), and did a few other things that needed doing. So in the spirit of spring cleaning, I’d like to share with you a few green cleaners we’ve used and tried over the past few months, to help you get started if you’re looking to transition to eco-friendly household cleaners.

If you like, you can also read my blog about why you should not switch to Green Works.

Back to the good stuff. These are some household cleaners that I and some of my friends use and trust to get the job done (cuz let’s be honest, some green cleaners just suck). I hope this list helps you and gives you a place to start!

1 . Seventh Generation is an all-around favourite for us. We use their Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner and Disinfecting Multi-Surface Cleaner on the daily. We also use Seventh Gen. Dish Liquid (I love it in the Lemongrass and Clementine Zest scent), and today while at IGA I picked up some laundry detergent to try, because our cousins swear by it and the detergent contains no artificial fragrance. This was a big selling point for me, because for some reason a lot of the fragrances that end up in laundry detergent make me really sneezy. The EWG tends to give Seventh Generation fairly good ratings, although sometimes the use of essential oils in their products brings their ratings down. I don’t really understand why this is, but there must be a reason for it.

2. Ecover Toilet Cleaner is another favourite that I’ve just discovered. It’s on the EWG top eco-friendly cleaner list, and it works really well IMO. We have it in the Pine Fresh scent, which smells nice – like a fresh forest!

3. Honest Multi-Surface Cleaner is what I like to use for small cleaning tasks like dusting or quickly wiping the counter down. I don’t find this cleaner has a lot of power to get rid of tough scum, but that’s ok! Every cleaner doesn’t have to do everything, and the amazing natural fragrance makes me love this green cleaner even more. My rooms smell fresh and citrusy after using it!

4. Vinegar and water. Seriously, you cannot beat the power of a home made vinegar and water solution. You can use it to clean glass, to deodorize, or to get rid of soap scum. I tried it in the bathtub for the first time yesterday and was amazed. Like I barely had to do anything to get rid of soap scum that previously hung on no matter what I tried. Just mix white vinegar and water 50/50 in a spray bottle, shake, and you’re good to go. If you’re getting rid of tough soap scum, spray the solution on the dirty area, let it sit for a minute, then come back with some wire wool and you’re golden. If you want a bunch more recipes for home-made cleaners, you can check out this list of 67 Homemade All-Natural Cleaning Recipes.

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5. Method is on my list, but it’s at the bottom because this brand is sorta “meh” for me. While Method’s EWG ratings are wwaaayyyyy better than really mainstream brands like Dawn, Ajax, or Palmolive, Method doesn’t tend to rank as well as Seventh Generation or Attitude (which I haven’t actually tried yet btw). On the plus side, I appreciate the ease and friendliness of Method. The products do perform very well (we currently have the Dish Liquid in Sea Minerals), smells great, has lots of options, is available almost everywhere, and is generally a good price point. It’s also marketed in a way that’s a bit more familiar and less crunchy, so I think this may be a good transition brand if you’re just testing the waters of alternative cleaners.

If you’re in the Vancouver area, you can also check out The Soap Dispensarywhich is where we used to buy our fabric softener and laundry detergent. They have anything and everything you could ever want when it comes to green cleaners and eco-friendly cleaning supplies!

In other news, I’m thinking I need to do an update of what we’ve managed to switch over to ethical products, but do it room by room. So what we’ve accomplished so far in the kitchen, in the bathroom, bedroom, etc. What do you think? Is that something you’d like to see? Let me know!

I hope this list helped you out a bit. Let me know your favourite green cleaners in the comments, and make sure to share this post so your friends and families can get started on their green cleaners journey as well!

Have a great week, everyone!

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  1. I love the vinegar and water method! I do vinegar, water, a tiny bit of dish soap, and a tiny bit of essential oil (when I have it), and I love that cleaner so much!

    1. It’s really amazing how well it cleans. I can’t believe I’ve just discovered it’s usefulness in the bathroom!

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