Fashion Revolution Day Isn’t Over

As Fashion Revolution Day comes to a close, I want to leave you all with this thought:

The Fashion Revolution is not over. It can’t be over. The Fashion Revolution needs to be every day. Otherwise all of our well-meaning Instagram and Facebook posts are for nothing. Really. It’s very sad but very true.

Let’s not think that by posting photos to social media for one day out of the year we will miraculously change the fashion industry. It is going to take years of inconvenient, hard work in order to both pressure fashion giants into making meaningful change, and support those brands who are already making meaningful change (I’m going to make a list of brands I know of, but until then, read this list of sustainable products).

Please hear what I am saying. Please hear what the global community is saying: we need to do better. We need to buy better. 

Friends, it will be hard to change your clothes shopping habits at first. But trust me, it gets easier and easier every time you make a decision. Plus, you’ll feel amazing about yourself for actually getting your hands messy and doing something great for people and the planet.

One of the easiest things you can do to start your own fashion revolution is to go thrifting. If you’re not sure how to start, you can read my 7 tips to become and expert thrifter. 

It can also be daunting to figure out what to buy new and what to buy used. I love this info graphic from  The Note Passer’s blog, which does a good job of breaking down the thought process of “how can I buy this better?”


If we all band together at least a little bit, we can make this thing really happen. Not overnight, but if we have a collectively positive, can-do attitude, it will happen!

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