GoPatch Natural Period Relief

Hello, friends. I am back, talking about my period again! If you’re not into that business, I suggest you navigate away from this page and find a different post for now haha. So, a little while ago I had received some samples of GoPatch from the company so that I could try out the products and write an informed review. I must disclose, I received the samples for free (lucky me!). However, rest assured that I will be spilling the good and the bad, as per usual. I tested out this product over the first 3 days of my period, and took notes about my pain levels.

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So, what is GoPatch, anyway? GoPatch is a homeopathic remedy which provides relief for period pain.

How does it work? Since I’m not well versed in medicinal things, I’ll leave it to the pros to explain:

While homeopathic medicines come in many forms, including tablets, gels, ointments and creams, syrups and drops, the GoPatch solution is the first homeopathic formula to be delivered through a patch. Completely safe and discreet, GoPatch patches are strategically placed over your navel—a tried and true, classic acupuncture point—to deliver fast ­acting relief. Source.

Like I said, I received enough samples of this product to give it a good test over the course of one full period. I’ll review my usual discomfort levels on each day versus my discomfort while using GoPatch. I’ll rate my pain on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being almost no pain at all, 5 being very uncomfortable, but possibly bearable without painkillers, and 10 being excruciating pain that prevents me from even getting out of bed (which I often experience, actually!) I’m also going to document my usual Aleve intake (the only painkiller that seems to work for me on my period), versus my Aleve intake while using the GoPatch.

GoPatch Test, Day 1

Usual pain level: 4-5
With GoPatch: 1-2
Usual Aleve intake: 1-2
With GoPatch: 0

So, my period arrived and I thought, “great! An opportunity to test out this product!” I pulled out the sample and grabbed myself a patch…. and hesitated. The patch feels a bit stiff at first, and since you’re meant to put it over top of your belly button, it presented a potentially awkward situation (I normally don’t stick tough plasticy things to my body, so, you know…). However, not to be deterred, I slapped that baby on and prayed it would provide some sort of relief, because heaven knows I’d normally be pulling the Aleve from the back of the cupboard at that point! Soon I realized that with the heat of my body, the patch softened and I didn’t even feel it there any more. Phew.

Day 1 was a Saturday, so hubby and I went downtown to get him some new glasses. This excursion would normally be a very bad idea during Shark Week, since physical activity and too much warmth will often make my cramps much, much worse. I won’t lie, I packed the Aleve just in case. I was a little sceptical that botanicals could calm the Raging Red Seas within me!

Friends, I was pleasantly surprised at the lack of pain during the multi-hour outting. There were a couple instances where I had minor cramping after getting way too hot or walking up a hill, but in general I was pretty pain free and unaware of the patch even being there.


GoPatch Test, Day 2

Usual pain level: 9-10
With GoPatch: 5-6ish
Usual Aleve intake: 4 (I know that’s way too many, but seriously. The pain.)
With GoPatch: 1 during the day, 1 more at night.

Day 2 was the real test. This is the day that has caused me to miss work, church, school, outtings with friends, etc. There have been times where I am in so. much. pain that it’s all I can do to lie in bed and pray for the end. Even if I do make it to work on this day, I tend to be kind of out of it from all the meds, and am not very productive. My stomach is usually extra upset on this day as well, due to taking more than the recommended dose of Aleve. But, like the boss that I am (not), I got up, put on a patch, and hoped Aunt Flo wouldn’t attempt to murder me this month.

Thought Clothing

Friends, I made it through church and all the way until 2:30 pm before I felt I needed to take an Aleve (I had some tasks to get done and didn’t want to be all sad and painful during.) Believe me when I say that making it to 2:30 was a damn miracle. The fact that I even made it through half my day without collapsing is crazy. Plus even when I did take Aleve, I didn’t have to overlap pills, and the combo of Aleve and GoPatch had me basically pain free for the rest of the day. #goals.

GoPatch Test, Day 3

Usual pain level: 5-6
With GoPatch: 1
Usual Aleve intake: 1-2
With GoPatch: 0

Again, I was basically pain free on this day. I brought the Aleve to work, just to be safe, but there was really no need to take it. That’s all I really have to say about day 3!

GoPatch Test, Days 4-6

Usually, even though I continue to bleed on days 4-6, the pain is only at about a 2-3 by itself, so I don’t take anything since it’s easily manageable.


So since I’ve just told you all the pros, let me tell you now about the cons. There aren’t too many, but they do need to be said any way.

Con #1: It’s a bit pricey. A 5 pack will run you about $20. Not outrageous, but not cheap either. However, to cushion that first purchase, you can use the discount code NEW20 for 20% off.

Con #2: If you forget to remove it within the recommended time frame (you shouldn’t wear it any longer than 12 hours), you can end up with an unfortunate rash… I learned this from experience. On day 3, I had fallen asleep with the GoPatch on, after already wearing it for about 10 hours. When I woke up the next morning and realized my mistake, I took the patch of right away, but had already given myself an unfortunate looking red spot. The rash itched for a few hours, but after that it was just red. This isn’t a problem with the product, but it is something for us forgetful people to be aware of. A phone alarm may be in order.

Con #3: If you have sensitive skin like me, you can end up with a slight red spot from GoPatch, even if you do remove it within 12 hours. To combat this, I recommend shaving off the little skin hairs around the navel before application. Also, take off the patch in the shower or with water so it doesn’t damage your skin during removal.


GoPatch seriously reduced and even eliminated my pain on the days I wore it! Totally worth a trial if you’re considering an alternative way to combat the Red River of Suffering, or if your body simply disagrees with traditional painkillers. Be careful not to leave it on too long and remove gently, but deffinately give it a go! I think if you deal with moderate period pain, this could eliminate your pain all together.

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