4 Reasons Why Couples Are Turning Towards Eco-Friendly Engagement Rings – A Guest Post

The first step towards saying “I do” is purchasing an engagement ring. According to tradition, most engagement rings are made with precious metals and a diamond. However, the mining process to obtain these materials often leads to unethical treatment of both the environment and fellow humans.

Therefore, many couples are purchasing engagement rings made of recycled materials that aren’t dependent on unethical practices. Read on to discover all the reasons why you should forego tradition and choose an eco-friendly engagement ring.


Mother Earth

The environment is not as rich and thriving as it once was. Rainforests are disappearing at the rate of 6,000 acres per hour and the level of atmospheric carbon dioxide passed the 440 PPM tipping point years ago. Mining for precious metals and stones can be incredibly harmful to the environment, causing soil erosion and deforestation. Purchasing an eco-friendly engagement ring made of recycled material doesn’t have the same detrimental effects on the environment.


An Affordable Solution

According to a survey conducted by a popular bridal magazine, the average man spends $5,978 on an engagement ring. However, a couple that purchases an eco-friendly engagement ring, can get personalised, affordable alternatives.

You can purchase a vintage or a second-hand ring with a rich history and unique aspects or you can choose an environmentally friendly, synthetic stone instead of a diamond. Designing and making your own rings with the help of jewellery manufacturers is also another affordable solution. With eco-friendly engagement rings, the price range for an unforgettable ring is lowered significantly when you’re willing to get creative.



Another major reason many prefer to purchase an eco-friendly engagement ring is due to the ethical issues that arise within the modern mining industry. While mining for precious stones and valuable metals can be horrible for the environment, it can also be very detrimental to the miners as well.

Miners regularly inhale toxic substances, such as mercury, often leading to illnesses and deaths and many mines use unethical employment strategies. They hire young children, as young as six, to work, they don’t pay their workers a fair wage, and too frequently, diamond sales are used to fund rebel groups.

Eco-friendly engagement rings are usually cruelty-free and they ensure that child labour and human cruelty is not perpetuated in their rings. They use stricter guidelines when purchasing precious stones and metals so that people and planet Earth aren’t misused in the creation of their rings.



Many companies that sell eco-friendly engagement rings donate back to the country from which they receive their materials. If a couple buys an eco-friendly engagement ring, a company might plant a few trees to help make up for the environmental effects of the mining process. Many companies may also give back to the communities the miners come from, using some of their profits to help bring fresh water to these communities.


Finding a Ring You Love

There are many alternatives to the traditional engagement ring that allow you to have a beautiful symbol of your love without hurting the environment or burdening others. Discover the benefits of a cruelty-free ring and make your choice an eco-friendly one.


Author Bio:

Albert Krav is an accredited jewellery appraiser and a freelance writer from Los Angeles, California. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, he has been at the forefront of promoting eco-friendly rings to his clients. When he is not busy reviewing jewellery and appraising rare gemstones, he enjoys reading and writing.

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