How To Redecorate With Fair Trade: 3 Tips

Hey, friends! I hope you’re enjoying the fall as much as I am! This truly is my favourite season, with the sweater weather and crisp morning air and moody evenings… and blogging, finally. I’m glad I’m back to blogging semi-frequently, because as much as this blog exists to share my sustainable product finds, it also exists as a creative outlet for me.

Recently I’ve been feeling a bit more inspired, which has played out in me painting millions of  previously ugly or mismatched furniture items white. So far I’ve painted two tables and 3 baskets, and have even more items waiting to be painted.

Along with repainting, Luke and I have been sort-of redecorating our living room, and recently Ten Thousand Villages was very generous and offered to send me a few items to put in said living room. Of course, I wanted to show you all how we incorporated the gorgeous Villages fair trade items into our ever-more minimalistic living room,  and share a couple ideas on choosing sustainable home decor. Whether you’re looking to do a major overhaul or just spruce up a room a little, I’ve found these ideas to be really helpful!


1. Choose Timeless Items

Everyone’s idea of timelessness is different. For some people, they will always love bold colours and funky designs. For me, I’ve always gravitated towards neutrals and, more recently, a minimalistic feel. The idea is to choose items that are timeless for you and can be integrated into your home now and in the future without too much hassle. This way, it’s a lot easier to justify spending a couple extra dollars on, say, a fair trade or eco-friendly item, because you plan on keeping that item around for a while.

Of course, the three items I chose from Villages are quite neutral and therefore, versatile. They will blend easily with almost any feel I want to go for in the future. And while you can get more eclectic things from Villages, that’s just not our taste.

Fair Trade stone vase.
Fair trade stone vase.


2. Choose Quality Over Quantity

I know you can’t come to my room and see how sturdy the candle holders from Villages are, but trust me when I tell you that they feel tough enough to last at least a few years. And because they will match almost anything, I’m confident that I will want to keep them for several years and just move them around in my house as new trends emerge or we change homes.

Thought Clothing
Fair Trade stone tealight candle holder.
Fair trade stone tealight candle holder.


3. Choose Items That Speak To You

I like to choose items with some sort of story behind them. I especially love items that are fair trade, because by buying those items, I know my money is going to support the livelihood of skilled artisans who earn a fair, livable wage for the work they do. For me personally, this story adds a lot of sentimental value and makes me less likely to get rid of the item prematurely. By cycling through items less frequently, we help cut waste and reduce fast, cheap production.

Fair Trade bicycle bookends.
Fair trade bicycle bookends.



I hope this has inspired you to try out some fair trade items in your home. Personally, Ten Thousand Villages is my go-to. I have literally dozens of items from them in my home that I’ve either purchased myself or received as gifts, so I highly recommend checking them out!

If you have ideas on how to decorate sustainably, please share them in the comments. Have a fab day, everyone!

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