5 Tips For Buying Ethical Fashion

Hey, friends! I hope you all had a fabulous New Year’s Eve, and are preparing for a wonderful 2017! Personally, I’m so happy that 2016 is over. That was one of the hardest years for me, ever. Mentally, emotionally, career-wise, financially, etc etc. Here’s to hoping 2017 is a good one, because I’m really not interested in having a repeat of last year, haha! Oddly enough, I think a lot of my friends feel the same way. #byefelicia. So, to get this year going right, here are 5 tips for buying ethical fashion. Aside from the obvious choice of Fair Trade, which can be difficult to find, ethical fashion is actually pretty easy to come by.

I hope you enjoy this post, and please share or comment your favourite places or ways to fill your closet with pretty, affordable ethical fashion finds.


  1. Buy Better.
    • One of the easiest ways to cut down your environmental impact from fashion is to simply buy good quality items that you feel comfortable keeping for a long time. By purchasing high-quality items that last, you’ll be reducing the amount of fashion going to landfills.
  2. Buy Slow.
    • Hire slow. When you’re making the switch to ethical fashion, it’s a good idea to take your time. When the poor-quality, fast fashion item starts to look shabby, don’t run out for a replacement right away. Hunt around for a quality item you love, even if it costs a little more. I know for myself, if I’m in love with an item and pay a little extra for it, I’m way more likely to keep it for a long time.
    • Fire fast. With regards to the last point, don’t hesitate to get rid of the poor quality items that are just taking up closet space. I’ve been trying to get into the habit of only having my favourite items in my closet so that getting ready is easier, less stressful and faster. I’ve been pretty ruthless lately getting rid of items that are old and worn out or I just don’t wear, and let me tell you – it is SO satisfying.
  3. Buy Second.
    • Find some kick-ass consignment stores and pick up some comfy jeans or a wicked jacket. Some great consignment stores will also often have designer items at seriously reduced prices. I once found a bag that retails at around $200, reduced to $12 because of a small coffee stain on the inside zipper pouch. A flaw no one else will ever see, but it got me almost $200 off!
  4. Trade More.
    • I love swapping items with girlfriends. If you’ve got a trusted friend who you can trade some lightly used clothes or housewares with, the payoff can be really amazing.
  5. Buy Less.
    • This is probably the hardest one for me. Shopping is a lot of fun, so basically the only way I’ve been able to make myself shop less is by being more choosy about what and where I buy. If I’m not blown away by an item, I leave it. If I’m not sure about the conditions under which a new item was produced, I leave it (unless it’s something I really need, like dress pants for a job interview, and don’t have time to shop around for a different item).

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