How I Easily Transformed from Scratchy to Smooth Skin

Back in the day, about 4.5 weeks ago, I had very, very dry skin. All my life I’ve battled dry, flaky skin. My skin would be tight and uncomfortable and prone to acne. Around “that time of the month,” I would get horrible break-outs which were not only awkward, but painful. Cut to today. The excessive dryness has almost completely vanished, flakes are gone, I am living the clear, smooth skin life at last. The only thing still plaguing me are those pesky hormones whenever shark week comes… and there’s not much to be done about that!

What changed? Two things: sugar intake, and my skincare routine. Recently I’ve tried to be extra careful, even more than I was before, about how much sugar I consume. Not that I track every gram, but I’m double checking ingredients and avoiding unnecessary sauce or extra dressing.

On top of that, I tossed out my garbage makeup and splurged on some natural foundation, tossed the mascara that was “getting me by” and picked up the most fabulous natural mascara of all time… etc etc. Please observe the image below (and follow me on Instagram, if you fancy it – @TheHonestRoot.) Non-toxic makeup is the way to go, folks.



While on a girls’ trip to Victoria with a very good friend, we stopped by The Green Kiss, a boutique makeup store selling all-natural makeup (and a large selection of vegan makeup if that’s your thing.) By the way, I plan to do another post about all the incredible locally sourced, vegan/vegetarian places we ate, and all the sustainable, local shops we experienced.


My friend surprised me with a “Make The Switch” appointment – where a makeup artist goes through your whole skincare and makeup routine, and makeup bag if you want, and helps you see which items are most likely to cause your skin to break out, dry out, or react negatively. Then, they help you find natural and/or vegan-friendly options to replace the old products with.

In case you’re wondering, I did not have to throw away all my makeup. I was recommended to change my foundation (Maybelline), cleanser, moisturiser (Viva Naturals), and mascara (Physicians formula) first and foremost. Even though my cleanser and moisturiser were healthy and very natural, they turned out not to be correct for my skin type. My foundation was pretty bad for my skin, even though it was one of the healthier options at the drug store, and my mascara, while mainly safe, wasn’t working very well for me any more.

My eyeshadow (Tarte), under-eye cream (Viva Naturals), eyeshadow primer (Urban Decay), blush (Make Up For Ever) and lipstick (Bite) got a pass, at least for now. These items were either doing well with my skin (ex: eye cream) or had safe enough ingredients that using them once in a while wouldn’t harm my skin too much (ex: eyeshadow primer).


Smooth skin care products

Thought Clothing


In a little over a week or two, my skin did a total 180 flip. No longer was my skin actually flaking off, but was actually dew-y and clean-looking. Multiple people asked me in those first couple weeks, “are you wearing makeup today?” “Did you do something different with your hair or something?” “Did you get a good sleep last night? You look really good!” Of course, all I’d mainly changed was my skincare and foundation. Ladies, gents, if you have problem skin, I 100% suggest giving natural skincare and makeup a go. It has done wonders for me!

My new smooth skin routine:

At night

  • Cleanse with Viva Organics Aromatherapy Milk Cleanser 120 ml. Rinse with warm water and dab excess cleanser off with damp cloth
  • Moisturise with 100% Pure Organic Cucumber Juice Intense Hydration
  • Dab Viva Organics Firming Eye Cream under my eyes every other night (this product has also almost totally erased my purple circles from what they used to be)

  • In the morning

    • Possibly moisturise again (lightly!) with 100% Pure moisturiser. The fact that moisturising twice a day is a “maybe” for me is revolutionary. It used to be a must, and sometimes wasn’t even enough just doing it twice. Getting away with moisturising once a day now is nothing short of a dangin’ miracle.
    • Apply Sappho New Paradigm liquid foundation
    • Apply Sappho New Paradigm black mascara. THIS STUFF IS LIFE CHANGING. YOU NEED IT IN YOUR LIFE!

    So. Want smooth skin but can’t get to Victoria for a consultation? The Green Kiss also has a location in Chilliwack, out of The Refinery House salon. Can’t get to Chilliwack? Whole Foods carries Viva Organics, and many other natural products. That’s where I found my eye cream! The downside to buying at Whole Foods is that you don’t get that personal research and care into checking every product to find the perfect combo for your skin. However, it is a great place to start your natural, healthy, smooth skin journey.

    For me, finally splurging on quality makeup and skin care did so much for my self-esteem. Not only do I feel proud of putting healthy items on my skin, but I look damn good doing it! (In my personal, humble opinion.)

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    This post is not sponsored. All products pictured were purchased with my own money.

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