23 Fun Sustainably-Minded Things To Do In Vancouver This Summer

As summer approaches, we’re all looking for ways to make the most of the warm weather and long-awaited sunshine… so what to do? Of course, there are hundreds of incredibly fun things to do in Vancouver, but if you’re looking to have fun and be conscious about your activies, thinking of things to do can be a little challenging. So, for your convenience, I’m breaking down 23 fun things to do in Vancouver, which are low-waste, support local shops or get you and your friends out into nature. Make sure to share this and inspire your friends, or leave a comment about your favourite fun sustainably-minded things to do in Vancouver during summer.

1. Have a photo hunt with friends downtown or in a location you find interesting. Examples: find a pink wall, three Car-to-Gos parked in a row, a crow with something in it’s beak.

2. Attend a local food truck fair, like the one held at the Lonsdale Shipyards Night Market every Friday from 5-10.

3. Go for a hike in a location you haven’t tried before.

4. Go vintage shopping. If you live in Vancouver, check out this article I wrote about some of the best thrift shops in Vancouver.

5. Check out an outdoor movie screening.

6. Attend a live music night at a local bar.

7. Try a craft brewer while you’re at said local bar.

8. Invite friends to go on an outdoor adventure, like kayaking or canoeing in Deep Cove, exploring Stanley Park or the Capilano bridge, or somewhere more random and obscure.kayak deep cove

9. Go artisan market browsing.

10. Buy your groceries from a farmer’s market.

11. Buy some locally grown flowers (maybe from said farmer’s market??) or go wildflower hunting. As much as I LOVE flowers, they are often imported from far, far away. So besides being compostable, they aren’t actually very sustainable

12. Plant bee-friendly flowers in your yard or on your deck (landlords permitting). Check out these tips from the Honeybee Conservancy, or grab some Marigold seeds here:Marigold Seeds – Brocade (approx. 300 seeds)

13. Switch to a BPA-free, reusable water bottle instead of disposable water bottles. And then drink boatloads of water. #stayhydrated

14. Go garage-saleing. The purpose here is to have fun checking out some of the quirky items that some people have in their homes, and maybe find a treasure or two to give a new home to.

15. Have a picnic! Try using either reusable plates and cutlery or biodegradable disposable plates and cutlery.

16. Try a new local restaurant.

17. Go to a local coffee shop that carries organic or Fair Trade coffee. Purchase yourself a delicious iced coffee. Proceed to love your life for the next 20 minutes.

18. Purchase some scrumptious Fair Trade tea (Save-On and Whole Foods have lots of options). Brew said tea. Enjoy said tea.


19. Host a Fair Trade high tea party for your friends.

20. Make wind chimes out of thrifted items.

21. Sell some lightly used clothing or items on a FB clothing swap site or give them to a consignment or thrift store… THEN GO VINTAGE SHOPPING FOR EPIC NEW STUFF.

22. Try having more plant-based meals during the summer. I find it easiest to cut down on meat consumption during the summer, because of the heat and because there’s always so much yummy fruit available. Meat production is a huge pollutant and often cruel to the animals, and overfishing is a thing. A thing that is bad. So get yourself some yummy fruit and veg.

23. Bike Ambleside park or the SeaWall. Or one of the other beautiful spots in Vancouver. Don’t have a bike? Pick one up at a garage sale or rent one downtown.


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