8 Eco-Friendly Father’s Day Gifts He’ll Love

We all want to surprise our dad with something personal, something he’ll truly love and, if we’re of a more conscious mindset, something that won’t damage the planet when he’s done with it. Some low-waste, low environmental impact, high quality or Fair Trade items are usually the way to go when you want to be eco-friendly. Another thing you can do is simply don’t buy junk. Buy things that will last for ages, or at least a year. One of the worst things we can do for the planet is fill it up with useless garbage that takes chemicals to produce, a moment to buy, and years to decompose. If you’re not buying something that’s specifically eco-friendly or Fair Trade, buy something of quality. BUT of course, buying specifically eco-friendly Father’s Day gifts is, of course, the best plan. So withot further ado, here are 8 low waste, long lasting, and some straight-up eco-friendly Father’s Day gifts that he’ll love to get, and you’ll love to give.

1. A fair trade journal with the first couple pages populated with your favourite memories and/or photos of him. Snag a keeper from Ten Thousand Villages.

2. A personalised shave kit, filled with items from local shops. Some items to look out for: beard oil, face and beard soap, safety razors and refill blades, beard combs.

3. A board game the family can play together. Here is one of those things that isn’t specifically eco-friendly, but is a lasting item which can stay around, creating fun memories for ages and ages. Don’t know any good board games? Check out a few of my favourites below:
Apples to Apples
Monopoly Deal
Telestrations After Dark
Mad Gab

4. Fair trade bookends, along with a book he’d like.

5. Tickets to see his favourite musician, sports team, or a gift card to his favourite restaurant. Giving memories instead of useless junk not only helps out the planet, but is something your dad can think back on for years, and will actually enjoy in the moment.

6. A basket with organic coffee, tea, locally made treats, and other goodies that can be put to good (or just yummy) purpose. Some of my favourite gifts to get, personally, are locally made, organic preserves and goodies. There’s usually so much interesting flavour packed in, and knowing someone made it with their own hands ads a little something.


Women's Jumpsuits by People Tree

7. Plan a hike, fishing day, or barbeque to a spot he loves, you love, or you’ve shared together. Giving eco-friendly Father’s Day gifts doesn’t necessarily have to involve stuff. If your dad is all about spending time with people he loves, this might be the thing for him!

8. A garden starter package. If your dad is into gardening, grab him some seeds, a couple of pots (grab a funky one second hand, or a pretty Fair Trade pot from Ten Thousand Villages), and let him take it from there. If you’re stuck for seed ideas, try getting veggies and herbs he can harvest, or bee-friendly flower seeds like Marigold or Daisy. Or check out the Bee Conservatory for even more ideas.

Let me know what eco-friendly Father’s Day gifts you’re planning this Father’s Day! If you liked this post, be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any updates, or share with your friends.

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