Ragsstore – Beautiful Handmade Silk Kimonos

When I came across Ragsstore.Etsy on Instagram, I just knew I had to share Dawn’s beautiful creations with you all. Her handmade silk kimonos, dresses and pants are just absolutely stunning. Her one-of-a-kind “gypsy glam” esthetic is totally unique, and look to be high-quality pieces you’d be proud to own. And, after messaging Dawn to find out more about the shop, I was even more in love with her philosophy.

Currently, Ragsstore works with a family in Northern Goa who make the designs with hand dyed fabrics. The goal over the next year is to make the company completely Fair Trade, and source all fabrics from their original source in Rajasthan and the Gurajat. Dawn hopes these handmade silk kimonos, pants and dresses will give opportunities to women in India and around the world.

purple hand made silk kimono
All images used with permission from Ragsstore.

While each item is a little over $100 (but there are usually discounts if you check out her Instagram: @ragsstore.etsy), it’s totally worth it if you plan to keep the piece for a while. Plus, think of all the time, love and talent that goes into each piece. They’re handmade, after all!

Orange hand made silk kimono
All images used with permission from Ragsstore.

Personally, I’m trying to become more used to paying slightly more for high-quality basics and a few eccentric pieces. I believe this philosophy of buying less but buying better is called slow fashion. I feel that getting a lovable, handmade silk kimono totally fits this bill.

Or, if you’re not into Kimonos, Dawn has super funky pants (see above), amazing flowy dresses and fun, chunky jewellery too. I’m imagining these handmade treasures as amazing pieces to wear on a summer vacation or a girls’ day to the beach. Or, just for Instagram photos. Because we’d do anything for the gram, right?

Personally, I find the jewel tones very energising. The bright colours remind me of the beach and make me want to get outside, enjoy life, and maybe try something new. The gypsy inside me is getting life from these pieces!

blue handmade silk dress on tall model
All images used with permission from Ragsstore.

Would you try a dress, pants, or handmade silk kimonos like these from Ragsstore on Etsy? I know I would. In fact, I’m considering ordering one for my road trip this summer.

Let me know what you think of these items, and whether or not you would wear these gems yourself.

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