Easy, Affordable Wedding Planning Tips – A Guest Post from Gracia Smith

Planning a wedding can either be a stressful bore or enough fun to rival the wedding itself. To achieve the latter, there’s no better strategy than to utilize some smart, easy, affordable wedding planning tips to make the main event a fabulously stress-free success. Read on for some simple and useful ideas, from choosing decor to staying true to your own unique style throughout the adventure of planning your perfect day.


Keep It Chic

Making your own rules is half the fun of planning a wedding, and ideally, those rules are all about keeping it chic. Stay true to your own aesthetics, and dodge the tacky pitfalls of cookie cutter weddings and by-the-book details. Instead, opt for playful, creative, and upscale touches, like natural and locally sourced centerpieces, thoughtful lighting that will look elegant throughout a twilight to late-night reception, and celebratory decor like stylish, eco-friendly Flutter FETTI confetti to mark the occasion. In a few words, aim for sophisticated yet grounded elements (natural colors, environmentally conscious materials, and coherent design), while maintaining a style you can truly stand behind.


Unleash Your Creative Side

Your wedding is your show, and there’s never been a better time to trust your creative instincts. From overarching decisions like what you want your dream venue to look like and what style of dress will make you look like a goddess, to the tiniest details like what color you’d like for the napkin rings, zero in on the aspects that allow you to truly express yourself. You (and your guests) will find a wedding that is distinctly you far more memorable than one that conforms to the traditional wedding playbook.


Stop and Smell the Roses

…Or the lilies, or gardenias, or whatever wedding flowers you’re going with! Stopping to take pleasure in the details will not only help you to get exactly what you want when planning your wedding, it will also help to keep you sane. As simple as it may sound, it’s important to remember that it’s not just the destination, but the journey. Whether you love designing, shopping, decision-making, bargain-hunting, feeling like a queen, or even bossing people around, take time to enjoy what you love about the wedding planning process along the way.

Women's Jumpsuits by People Tree


Enlist Your Partner (and Your Dream Team)

Planning a wedding together can be the best bonding experience you and your partner have ever had. Sit down together and talk about the wedding elements that are important to you both. Another great way to save money and add a distinctly personal touch to your special day is to make a list of friends who might be willing to pitch in with specific talents. Invite your friends and relatives with a knack for cocktail design, music, and visual aesthetics to contribute their talents and keep your project under budget. Sink into the planning details that attract you the most, and find clever ways to outsource the rest.


Keep It Real

Great goals capture the best of ambition and reality, and are broken down into simple, realistic, and achievable parts. Make an outline for yourself to sharpen your vision and keep the numerous moving parts of your wedding planning on course. In the end, you’ll find that you’ve successfully crafted a wedding that’s not only affordable and beautiful, but also authentically you and surprisingly stress-free.


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