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Hello, friends! It’s about that time in summer when I start looking around my apartment, longing for some bright yellow pillows or fresh, colourful flowers to liven up my typically minimalistic decor. I definitely love my earth-tones inside, but sometimes I just start itching for some colour. Enter Darn Good Yarn. When they offered to send me a couple items, including this peacock print hanging wall tapestry, I was STOKED. My previous attempts to “summerize” our place had basically just ended in a lot of dead tulips and a very sad me. Luckily tapestries don’t die if you forget to water them for a whole week, so I was obviously sold.


woman sits in front of pink hanging tapestry while reading a book.


This wall tapestry is pretty big (80″ diameter with the fringe). It took me a little while to find a spot on our wall where it would fit well, since our apartment is so small. But find a spot I did, and it happens to be right in my reading corner. PERFECT.

I personally chose to use this as a wall tapestry, but it could totally be a bed or couch throw, picnic blanket, table covering, etc etc. There are really no rules, just do you! Use it wherever your heart desires, my friend. Observe how I tossed it ever-so-casually on one of our cushy chairs.


Tapestry casually tossed on a chair in front of a picture


Some of my favourite things about this wall tapestry (or throw or picnic blanket) are the symmetry and colours, and the super boho fringe that rings the outside. According to DGY, these tapestries (there are multiple colors and shapes) are modelled after the mandalas in India.

I thought the colours went perfectly with this little cactus I picked up at a local shop. Shockingly I have not murdered this cactus yet with my black thumb, so together they complimented my reading corner quite well – along with my favourite fair trade coffee, of course. Put together with a cosy blanket to snuggle with and a good book, it makes for the perfect summer afternoon.


Get the look:

Boho Wall Tapestry | Darn Good Yarn | $50.52



wall tapestry hanging behind a cactus and mug of coffee


Woman drinks fair trade coffee in front of a wall tapestry

If you read my previous Conscious OOTD, you already know that Darn Good Yarn makes their products with the planet and people in mind. They employ 300 skilled women in Nepal and India, and offer them meaningful, appropriately compensated employment where they might not otherwise have had the chance.

DGY also sells bags and purses, yoga tops, scarves and yarn (duh lol) if you’re looking to do some stellar online shopping for boho home goods or fashion that gives back!

Woman sits on a beige couch in front of a tapestry while holding a book


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