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Hello, friends! I write this to you on my last night of vacation, basically. We’re staying in a bed and breakfast in Portland, and tomorrow (well, technically today I guess) we leave the B&B to head back to Vancouver, back to reality. In a way, I’m excited to get back to my regular life and sleep in my familiar bed. In a way, I’m super bummed. I love travelling and do it as often as I can. However, because we’ve been trying to pay off student debts and be smart about our money, we never really took a honeymoon after getting married – that was almost three years ago (October 2014). And I hadn’t really taken time off since then. There was a period when I worked part time, but I was doing some free online courses at the time, in order to transition careers into the job I do now (digital marketing) so it wasn’t exactly a chill point in my life despite technically working less than full time.

The one “souvenir I bought for myself” from GC gift shop
Hubby and I at Grand Canyon south rim, Ooh Aah Point
30-60 min hike into the GC takes you here.
Adorable cacti!
Hubby taking photos
I mean. If that isnt epic….


Grand Canyon South Rim at sunset


This post isn’t meant to be about anything in particular. I just know I haven’t posted in a while and wanted to make sure I didn’t go too long between posts… so here I am rambling, hoping it’s somewhat entertaining or interesting to a few people out there. *Also excuse the bad quality photos. Usually my blog photos are taken with a DSLR… but these are just done with my phone. #travelling*

Something that’s become super apparent to me the more I travel is how much of a distinct culture can be found in the Pacific Northwest. Hubby and I both grew up just outside Vancouver, and I’ve spent a lot of time in Seattle and Victoria. After visiting Portland, I’ve started to realize that my feeling of urgency towards sustainable living is probably very heavily influenced by being immersed the PNW culture. Even the way I dress, the way I talk, the way I carry myself feels most in sync with others when I’m in the Pacific Northwest, probably having an annoyingly pretentious conversation about sustainability in some trendy coffee shop.

After this trip, I never want to see a straight desert road again. I love exploring the desert. I do NOT love the roads I need to take to get to said desert, and then get back out of said desert. ARBA.
I guess this was pretty epic scenery along the way. Taken just outside Carvers, NV.
HONESTLY WHY. Two days we drove like this. How do people live this way?! WILL NO ONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN?!?!?!?!

On our trip, we’ve been to Boise, ID; Yellowstone National Park; driven through Wyoming; stayed in Colorado with my sister and got to see Denver and Woodland Park; Arches National Park in Moab, UT; Grand Canyon south rim in Arizona; driven through Nevada, and made our final stop in Portland, OR. These places have been amazing. Each area has its own unique feel and unique culture. Food, fashion, and ways of greeting each other that feel unique to that area.

The side effect of visiting these awesome places is that I’ve come to appreciate PNW culture even more deeply than I already did. I have to say, Portland feels like home. The whole time I was walking around down town, it was like, “VANCOUVERISTHATYOU?!?!”

Look at me wistfully wander through the Portland Rose Garden
Still in the rose garden because why not.


Some of my fave roses. No idea what they’re called. Sorry!



Women's Jumpsuits by People Tree


Classic smelling white roses. Noice.


Of course, each city is entirely unique in sooo many ways. But I’ve honestly never been to a city that felt so familiar despite not having really been there before. Denver came close. I could have spent a lot of time there and been very, very happy about it. But holy moly Portland. Are we long lost siblings or something? Where have you been all my life???

My favourite part of Portland.
Me. This mug is the best sum up of my life I have ever seen. Whoever runs this bookstore knows my soul.

They sell Fair Trade journals!! I almost bought one. But then again, I probably would not use it so… that would be wasteful and I am not about that life.
The most appropriate thing to buy in Portland.

Well, that concludes this random ramble. If you’ve never been to Portland but love great food, epic tattoos, consciously minded locals and the best bookstore you’ll ever see ever, check this city out.

Vancouver, I’m coming home to you, baby. With slightly higher kombucha expectations. Just FYI.

These also smelled good. Basically I’ve discovered that roses either smell awesome, or don’t smell at all.


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