Sustainability in Denver, Colorado

Hello, friends! Coming back from our trip to a surprise long weekend (BC Day is today) was sooo nice. I was 100% prepared to go to work yesterday morning… and in fact I did. But then no one was there so I found some WiFi at the White Spot next door, discovered my error, and ran away as fast as I could – half from shame and half from the excitement of realizing I had a whole day to do whatever I wanted!

Part of what I wanted to do was share one of the great experiences I had while in Denver, CO, with my sister and my husband.

While in Denver, we decided to go to this one bookstore, called Tattered Cover. This bookstore is rad. It’s big. Multi-storied in fact (SEE WHAT I DID THERE). And has a coffee shop inside it, as every bookstore worth its dust-bunnies should. After browsing around, I chose to buy this one book, called The Bees.

a book called The Bees, sitting on a coffee table.

The cover is really cool and grabbed my attention. The book seemed pretty interesting, so I decided to buy it since it was on the bargain shelf and only cost $6 USD. I mean, why not.

So, all normal-like, I go up to the counter. Greet the lady working the counter. Pay for my book. She asks if I want a bag. I say “if you’ve got a paper bag, then sure!”

To which she replies, “that’s such a great way to say it! I do zero-waste, so I don’t get plastic bags.” We then went on to have a full conversation for a couple minutes about our personal efforts to live sustainably.

Maybe this seems like a silly thing to be excited about, but I love having random conversations with strangers, and to meet some random girl in another city who’s interested in the same things as me was such a nice surprise. You gotta take the little victories in life, right?

Thought Clothing

sustainable lifestyle tips

So now I can go ahead and read this book, accompanied by the lovely memory and some delish Fair Trade Coffee. My fave right now is Peet’s and Kicking Horse Coffee. This is seriously yummy. Very smooth, very rich. I likey.

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Thought Clothing

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