I can’t believe I’m doing this…

Hello, friends! It’s a pretty chill Saturday as I write this. I’ve been binge watching Jenny Mustard videos on YouTube, and since hubby is away and unable to complain about me turning the bedroom into a pink, girly paradise, I have done exactly that. I brought all my pink books, my flowers, my plants, etc etc and set them up around the bed so I can stay in my cozy spot with all the pretty things my heart could desire.

BUUUUT that’s not really what this post is about. To be honest, I don’t even know how to get into this without being weird but… here it goes.

My blog is starting to become a somewhat viable side-gig. While this is really exciting for me, it’s also super terrifying, haha! What started out as purely a hobby is in the beginning stages of becoming something I can really dedicate significant amounts time to, because (as you may have noticed) I’ve started including affiliate links to sustainable products and brands that I myself do purchase from or would be proud to purchase from. When people purchase items from these links, I generally earn a small commission – which supports my ability to put time towards this blog.

There have also started to be more sponsored posts on this blog. What this typically means is that brands will contact me and ask to send me a product, in exchange for an honest review. Lots of brands send me requests, but I try to be choosy about which ones I accept products from. I never want to sacrifice the quality and integrity of my work here, just for some random products.

So where the heckin’ heck am I going with this? Well, I’ve started a couple more “monetization” items, and I want to be upfront about it. Specifically, a Patreon account and a Fiverr account, and soon you will be able to shop sustainable products right from the menu on the top of this blog. I know it’s super awkward to discuss money, but here we are. I’m implementing these things in order to turn this gig that I love so deeply, and feel so very passionate about, into something that’s hopefully somewhat gainful haha.

If you’re not familiar with Patreon or Fiverr, let me give you a quick rundown… **But also know that I DO NOT, in any way at all, expect you to participate in Patreon, Fiverr, shopping through the ads here, or anything else. If you just want to drop by the site here and there to see what’s up, that’s great! I’m so happy to have you as part of The Honest Root’s community!! **

Patreon is a platform where creators – artists, writers, videographers, podcasters etc – can receive “pledges” from their supporters. Personally, I pledge $5/month through Patreon to my favourite podcast, Psychology in Seattle. Some people pledge $5/month, some people pledge $50/month to their fave creators. The point is that if you want to support a creator, this is a super easy way to do it. So, if you like the content I create on The Honest Root and find it helpful, entertaining, pretty, or whatever, you can become a patron and support this art form!

Fiverr is a platform where skilled freelancers can offer their skills for a small fee. One thing I’ve noticed is that a lot of sustainable brands simply need exposure, and need marketing help. Many brands have this branding, content and social marketing down to a fine-tuned art. However, I do feel that my skills as a professional marketer could really benefit some brands that are doing AMAZING things for the world but lack the time, ability or knowledge to promote themselves effectively. SO I created a Fiverr account in order to help write SEO content, create social content, and provide quality links for sustainable brands.  Don’t worry. I’m not going to start sharing spammy content just to make a couple bucks. The same level of vetting will apply to these brands as I would apply if I just wanted to buy their product for myself.

People Tree Ethical and Sustainable Jewellery


I want to be 100% honest about money things on this blog, as this space is meant to a safe, trustworthy, honest place. You should be able to trust that I will always disclose if I’m receiving something in return for content posted here.

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20 thoughts on “I can’t believe I’m doing this…

  1. Well, we have to get to the money sometime, right? LOL! Some of us like this art form so much (blogging) that we forget that it can be a viable source of income. Kuddos for going for it, April! I wish you abundance and keep the creativity coming!

  2. That’s so awesome to hear! Glad that you’re venturing into new steps for your blog and I can’t wait to see where it leads you! Keep it up!

  3. Thanks for sharing some ways of how you monetize your blog! I’ve always been curious how others go about doing it, and there are so many options to choose from, it’s kinda hard to figure out which route to go with. Thanks for giving a little insight and review!

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