Why I Hate Paper Bags!

Hey, friends! Sorry about the lack of post on Tuesday! We had friends over from Germany, so I wanted to spend some time hanging out with them in Vancouver. But, I’m back to normal now, and ready to go on a rant. Ha. Hahaha.

Friends, below you see a beautiful photo of GOOD paper bags. Paper bags which will help to save the planet, because they are helpful. They have handles, and appear sturdy enough to actually carry a legit amount of groceries. These are the kinds of paper bags that I enjoy using. These paper bags encourage me not to use plastic bags, even when I’ve forgotten my fabulous fabric bags (which is most of the time, let’s be honest). These paper bags would probably rescue a lost puppy and probably arrive to the store on the backs of unicorns.

two brown paper bags with handles, containing plants, hang off the handlebars of a bike
Photo by Guus Baggermans on Unsplash

HOWEVER. There is a type of paper bag which does not rescue lost puppies. Does not arrive on the backs of unicorns and 100% does not encourage me to use paper instead of plastic. In fact, because I am determined not to use plastic unless it’s a dire situation, I have literally shoved all my groceries in my PURSE before in order to avoid using these bags. Behold below, the devil-spawn, AKA flimsy, handle-less paper bags:

brown handle-less paper shopping bag.

Am I thankful that these exist just in case? Of course. Am I thrilled that grocery stores offer greener alternatives than plastic? Yes! Am I so excited that I can basically only carry two of these bags at a time because I’m not the freaking Hulk?! NO. NO I AM NOT EXCITED ABOUT THAT. I’m also not excited that these bags rip so easily if there is any moisture touching the bottom of the bag.

Ugh. Anyway. This is seriously the definition of First World Problems… but I just couldn’t help myself. I had to tell you. I had to put it out there why I hate paper bags so much sometimes! It’s no wonder people stick with plastic when this is the most convenient alternative most of the time. Yikesypants.

So yeah. That’s it. Have a nice day, everyone.

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16 thoughts on “Why I Hate Paper Bags!

  1. Here’s my issue. When I go to Smith’s (kroger) they never ask if I want paper or plastic, they just bag in plastic, so I’ve learned that I have to be fairly rude, cut them off before they can ask how I’m doing in order to say I’d like paper. Then half the time the baggers don’t even know HOW to bag in paper. Yesterday the girl threw it in like a plastic bag and I was left with a smooshed loaf of bread and crazy lopsided paper bags. I swear every time I ask for paper at smith’s they treat me like a criminal, I can tell they don’t want to.they are being timed to get me through the line as quickly as possible. I pretty much avoid their store if I can help it. But I just don’t understand why? Is it because it’s slow? Paper bags are probably more costly to the stores. My thought is if you’re going to give me grief about it then don’t even have it as an option.

    1. Yeah it’s pretty awkward. I also always have to interrupt the cashier by blurting out “I don’t need a bag!” or “OHCOULDIACTUALLYHAVEPAPERPLEASETHANKSSORRY” haha. Oh man.

  2. Where I live in the US or paper bags don’t have handles at all unless you go to a farmers stand or flee market you may get one. But the grocery store and a no go. I love that this is a first world problem for I found that to be very comedic

  3. I’m in the UK and luckily we don’t have these non-handled paper bags as pretty sure they’d annoy me just as much too! But.. I’m just grateful that more and more places are actually using them.

  4. Hahaha, I went into this blog thinking you couldn’t have any good points, and that paper bags are just fine. Nothing to complain about. But then after reading it, you’re right 🤣 I can’t stand bringing only 2 or 1 bag into the house at a time. How am I supposed to open the door?? And now my arm is wet!

  5. I dislike paper bags and plastic bags the most that is why I use reusable bags when I go to grocery or when I go to a clothing store try not to get a bag at all. They are a burden to deal with and get in the way.

  6. If you ever visit my side of the world- aka Singapore, you will most probably be abhorred by how much plastic bags we use. As for paper bags, it’s only MacDonalds and Burger King so far~

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