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Hello, friends! Today I want to bring you a fun item from my friends at Darn Good Yarn – a super funky fair trade kimono – perfect for a hot, sunny day (like the day we took these photos. It was so hot. I wanted to die.)

If you’re not familiar with Darn Good Yarn, they make super funky Fair Trade clothing, yarn, and home decor. I am a brand ambassador for DGY, so they generously send me clothing items and I go ahead and do these cool posts!

woman stands by the ocean wearing blue fair trade shawl, black shorts, white top

This fair trade kimono is giving me serious music festival vibes. The tie dye pattern, light, airy colour and the awesome fringe is serving me a very summery feel!

I personally paired this piece with a white, casual t-shirt (surprise surprise haha!), high-waisted black shorts, nude sandals and a long, minimalistic gold necklace (the same one from my last fair OOTD!) Check below on how you can get this look.

Get the look:

Fair Trade Tie Dye Fringe Kimono | Darn Good Yarn | $45.92
High Waist Black Shorts | Amazon | $10.99
White 100% Organic Cotton Tee | People Tree | $47.43
Gold Lariat Necklace | Etsy | $23.66
Beige Sandals | Amazon | $16.20

Woman stands next to the oean wearing a tie dye blue fringe kimono

fringe blue fair trade kimono

Thought Clothing

Now, I have to share one personal story I was reminded of while wearing this kimono. My family used to have some furniture item – maybe a couch? a pillow? some drapes? that had fringe on it with VERY similar texture to the fringe on this kimono. The whole time we were taking these photos, I was having the hardest time not tugging on the tassles. I used to find the fringe on the furniture item in my old family home sooooooooo addictive. I would sit or stand with the item (really wish I could remember what it was tho) and just run my fingers over and through the fringe for ages. I had forgotten all about the furniture item, which also had a very particular smell that came flooding back to me when I touched the fringe on this kimono.

Not that this kimono reminds me of furniture besides this super random memory. I actually think it’s a really bizarre texture to put on a furniture item… much better suited to clothing, IMO! Anyway, all that to say that I love this fringe and find the texture really addicting to touch, haha!! I’ll probably annoy all my friends by fiddling with it all the time when I wear it out.

fair trade blue kimono women's clothing

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