Hey, friends! Hope you’re all having a super Thursday. I was going to share a second Fair OOTD from Darn Good Yarn today, but I decided to write this post sort-of “spur of the moment.” On Monday I participated in the #NoMakeupMonday tag on Instagram (see the receipts below). IDK why, but it took me a lot of courage to post that, even though I actually don’t wear makeup on most days. If I do wear makeup to work it’s usually a tiny bit of foundation to cover some spots, or a couple swipes of mascara.

Side note: just realized it’s kinda weird that I’m posting about #nomakeupmonday on a Thursday.

BUT BACK TO OUR ORIGINAL PROGRAM: I feel like I have this shame about not wearing makeup, but I also have shame about wearing makeup. It doesn’t make any sense to have shame about both, but here we are. I also don’t know why exactly I have this shame… BUT HERE WE ARE. Maybe it’s societal pressure. Maybe it’s me putting it on myself for some weird reason. Maybe someone did some voodoo on me when I was little and that’s what made me like this haha. Who really knows.

Either way, I just figured I’d share this because I feel like there are a lot of people out there who secretly feel bad about how they choose to present themselves, or how they wish they were comfortable enough to present themselves and I want you all to know that you’re not alone! A lot of us feel weird about just being ourselves, even those of us who are generally pretty confident. We all have our “thing” that makes us awkward, embarrassed or shameful. It’s ok. Let your freak flag frickin FLY people!

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8 thoughts on “#NoMakeupMonday

  1. You look great without makeup! It’s always nice to go make up free, especially in the summer when the days are hot. I usually wear makeup, very lightly. But there are days I’m just not in the mood. 🙂

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