Late Night Thoughts – K-Cups, Fall Things

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Hey, friends. It’s getting late on a Tuesday night… which means it’s 9:14pm as I start to write this lol. It’s about 9 hours past my desired bedtime. I’m listening to my favourite podcast, Psychology in Seattle, and drinking some Tega Organic Earl Grey Rooibos Tea, which happens to be Fair Trade as well. Drinking tea with too much sugar and a bit of almond milk is something I find so soothing at the end of the day. There’s just something about having a warm, sugary drink that helps me wind down after a long day.

One of the things that’s been on my mind lately is my use of K-cups at work. I almost always brew fresh coffee every morning, put it into a thermos and bring it to work. Sometimes if I sleep through my alarm, though, I’ll have to go get a couple K-cups to use in the office coffee maker, since we don’t brew coffee in pots. I COULD go next door to White Spot and buy a coffee, but it’s more expensive and I’m not really supposed to leave my desk for the amount of time it would take to go there, wait for the coffee and come back, AND it would still come in a disposable cup.

So now what? I gotta have my coffee. I’m trying to devise a plan for how I’m going to cut down on my waste in this area.

The other thing is sometimes at about 2 pm I hit a mental wall and I find it really difficult to be productive unless I get me some caffeine. And usually by 2 pm I’ve drank (drunk? drinkeded? lol) all my homemade coffee. So then what? Sneakily Pinterest at work for 3 hours until my shift is over and I can go home for a nap? I doubt that would earn me any points with management. Haha! I generally go get a K-cup from the kitchen upstairs and get me some caffeine. So anyway. This is my first world concern at the moment. Not that I don’t have greater concerns in life than frikkin’ K-cup usage, but this is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately.

On a more positive note, I am STOKED for fall. Luke bought me a loom a few years ago and I think it’s time for a new scarf and I’m trying to decide what colour of scarf I want to loom for myself this fall/winter.

ALSO who else is going to a pumpkin patch this fall? I haven’t been to a pumpkin patch in SO LONG but now that I have nieces and a nephew, I feel it’s only right that I go with them to a pumpkin patch (but mostly I just want to go and now I have a non-embarrassing excuse. ha.).

Tell me what your fall plans are because I really want to get out into the autumn air and have a great season and I would love some more ideas on how to do that!

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2 thoughts on “Late Night Thoughts – K-Cups, Fall Things

  1. HEY! I may have a solution to your sustainable coffee at work problem. If your work has an electric kettle, it’s super easy to purchase a reusable travel mug/french press, stash a bag of ground coffee at your desk and brew your own coffee each afternoon. This solution powered me through my last office position, and my wallet/sustainable values were much happier for it!

    1. Ohh! That’s a really good idea. Actually one of the girls at work brews her own coffee sometimes. I may have to get on this train. Wouldn’t be that hard, either!

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