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Hello, friends! Hope you all got to enjoy the Thanksgiving long weekend (if you’re in Canada), I know I did! So much potatoes. So much pecans. So much foods. But before all of the food babies arrived, we made sure to get outside to photograph this awesome top and a toque (that’s a winter hat for you non-Canadians haha) I received from Indigo Apparel – a New York-based brand that makes amazingly comfy and eco-friendly fashion and accessories. You’ll find a review of the top here, and the toque in an upcoming post!

BTW use code 47MVD2G to get 15% off your purchase at!

I am very lucky to get to be a brand ambassador for this killer brand (ironic because all their clothing is cruelty-free. get it. ok.) since their passion for cool, comfortable, eco-friendly fashion extends into every part of the business. Their About page tells about their sustainability practices in even more detail, but I’ll do my best to give you the run down, TLDR version.

Woman walks towards camera in pink top, white knit cardigan, blue jeans
Top: Indigo Apparel. Enter Code 47MVD2G for 15% off purchase

This clothing is made of bamboo fibre, low-impact dyes, organic GOTS certified textiles, vegan, and hand-made in the USA.  PHEW that’s a lot of awesome points to list out for one brand, eh!?

Plus, besides being super sustainable, the top pictured here is SO comfortable, and the light colours make it easy to pair with just about any casual outfit. It’s very breathable too, so could totally be worn to Yoga or for working out, if that’s your style. I personally thought it was perfect for a Saturday spent consignment shopping with a friend.

From the side you can see that the sleeves are nice and flowy, so you could really wear this in just about any season, if you wanted to. Not sure how a short sleeved top would do in a Canadian winter, but anyway… actually, what am I saying. I’ve been here for 26 winters in the warmest part of Canada and even I know it’s not a good idea, haha! However, spring through to fall this is a super versatile top!

woman stands with profile to camera wearing eco-friendly fashion from Indigo Apparel.

Personally, I found it went well with my favourite high-waisted jeans, heeled ankle boots, a light grey knit cardigan, and my favourite Matt and Nat bag.

Get the look:

Poncho Top | Indigo Apparel | $45



Women's Jumpsuits by People Tree

Question for you readers out there: have you tried bamboo fabric? I have bamboo socks from a shop in Victoria and I absolutely love those things. It’s like walking on clouds. If you ever get the chance to try out some bamboo clothing or accessories, take the opportunity. It is legitimately life-changing. PLUS I hear that bamboo is a very renewable resource. So there ya go.

Let me know in the comments if you would ever try the crazy-comfy bamboo fabric that seems to be everywhere these days!

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