Saje Essential Oil Car Freshener Review

Hey, friends! Today I’m coming at you with a review of this Saje essential oil car freshener – diffuser thingy. I decided to try a more natural option for my car’s smell after I went to get my full license this summer (veryyyy late, I know I know) and the ICBC test guy yelled “EW POISON!!” and threw my original air freshener in the glove box in an obvious show of horror and near death, with all the righteousness of the Gods powering his arm.

To be fair, it made my nose a little itchy, which I figured is just because I’m sensitive to unnatural scents. But then again, I’m probably sensitive to unnatural scents because they’re EW POISON.


Saje essential oil car diffuser air freshener
The packaging

SO off to Saje I went, in search of a more natural solution. I’d thought of trying this before, but the only options available at the Saje near me last time I went were quite expensive and needed to be plugged into the cigarette lighter… which freaks me out a little, to be honest. This time, however, I checked out the Saje at Metrotown, which seems to be quite a bit bigger and has a bigger selection.

Lo and behold, they had this baby for $9.95 plus tax, including refill pads. No cigarette lighters needed. Just add essential oils and go!

On the pamphlet inside, it says to add 20-25 drops of essential oil (I think. Maybe it was 15-20. TBH I lost the pamphlet already. ha… ha…). The pamphlet called for using one of the many fancy Saje blends, but I was like NAH BISH I WANNA ADD VANILLA. So then I put about 20 drops of vanilla essential oil onto the little fabric thingy on the inside of the diffuser (very easy to open btw. Just slide the top off and away you go.)

Saje essential oil car diffuser with vanilla essential oils
About 5-10 drops on it at this point. It looks like way too much but 20 ish is actually OK.
Saje essential oil car diffuser review
Top back on. Also you can see every speck of dust just from a phone camera. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE

So how well does this essential oil car freshener actually work? The first day I used it, I think I smelled zero vanillaness. I was thinking to myself, “great. I wasted ten bucks and a bunch of essential oils and now I have to get online and write a bad review for this.”

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HOWEVER. This little chunk of plastic pulled through for me on days two and three. Day two I caught a hint of vanilla, and on day three there appeared a very pleasant, non-overwhelming, non-nose-tickling scent of vanilla. No EW POISON here, ICBC guy. I think it just takes time to warm up or sink in or put on it’s big-girl panties or something. Who really knows.

Saje essenial oil car freshener

So is it worth the ten bucks and essential oil drops? I’d say so, especially if you’ve got a sensitive nose. The really nice thing, in my opinion, is that it comes with four refill pads (making 5 total included) so you could have many different scents if you wanted to. I think as Christmas draws nearer, I’ll be putting a more festive essential oil blend in there, to get myself in the spirit.

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