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Hello, friends! Hope you’re having a rad day, I know I’ve been having a pretty great week so far, however I had the most hilarious/awkward blunder on Monday! While innocently perusing my Instagram messages, I realized that I had not 1, not 5, not 15, but 45 (FOURTY FIVE) message requests (these are not regular messages – it’s people who don’t follow you but want to message you). Don’t know how I missed that for so long… and the great irony is that I always tease hubby about not being a super observant person… but then here I go like this. ANYWAY, moving on to this awesome eco OOTD from Kuma Sunglasses.

Please observe the effortless cool they bestow upon my face.

woman wears plaid blanket scarf and eco friendly sunglasses
USE CODE TheHonestRoot20 for 20% off your purchase!PC: Luke Ratzlaff
Woman wears fall colored blanket scarf and eco friendly sunglasses for eco OOTD
USE CODE TheHonestRoot20 for 20% off your purchase! …. PC: Luke Ratzlaff

If you’ve been following me for a while, you may already be familiar with my love of Kuma Sunglasses. My original pair was gifted to me by a good friend, and this pair, in the Mallee style, was given to be from Kuma in exchange for this honest review. But let’s be for real here. Their odds were sorta stacked, given that I basically up and proposed to my last pair.. SO YEAH.

But let me get to why I love these sunglasses:

  • 1 tree planted in endangered ecosystems for each pair purchased
  • Many different stylish designs to choose from
  • Very lightweight. I am very prone to headaches so I simply cannot tolerate heavy sunglasses for more than a few minutes. Never have to worry about that with these babies.
PC: Luke Ratzlaff
PC: Luke Ratzlaff

Also, since there are so many styles to choose from, those of us who are blessed with, ermm, big brains, have lots of options. I should mention that since I have a large-ish head (TBH), these shades almost feel tight just above my ears. (However, I’ll reiterate that I’ve had this style of Kumas before and I’m more than happy with them! ) This is just a quick PSA for anyone else who, like me, needs to be aware of how wide the arms of their shades are. Lol.

Ok, that’s enough about my big head. If you do want to snatch a pair of the Kuma’s I’m modelling here, do so below! I’ll also link a couple of my favourites besides the ones I’m wearing, for your convenience.

Get the look:

Mallee Sunglasses | Kuma Sunglasses | $44.20
Jacaranda Sunglasses | Kuma Sunglasses |  $44.20
Alpine Cruiser Sunglasses | Kuma Sunglasses | $44.20


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USE CODE TheHonestRoot20 for 20% off your purchase!

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PC: Luke Ratzlaff
PC: Luke Ratzlaff

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