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Hey there, friends! I’m very excited this Friday, as tomorrow I finally get to go to a pumpkin patch, and today I am sharing with you what is maybe the most aesthetic post. Of my life. Because fresh roses. 24 volcanic roses, to be exact, right from VivaRoses – a family run farm in Ecuador.

When they contacted me about featuring their roses, I was obviously stoked. Support a small business? Duh! Feature volcanic roses? HELLO. Ecuador’s volcanic roses are *apparently* known for their bright, beautiful colours, in part due to the region’s soil content (look at me trying to science over here!).

Below you can see the “In Perfect Harmony” bouquet… which I obviously chose because of the pink and white. And if you’ve seen my Instagram at all, you know how much I love pink and white, lol (or anything + white, for that matter. Let’s be real here.)

family grown farm fresh roses
The “In Perfect Harmony” Bouquet
fresh roses from family farm in Ecuador
The “In Perfect Harmony” Bouquet

You know I’m always down to support small businesses, especially businesses that make a habit of giving back. Certain bouquets, like the Puppy Love bouquet, give back with each purchase.

There are 3 price points for different needs and occasions.
Shop now by clicking below:

24 roses – $65 USD
50 roses – $75 USD
100 roses – $140 USD

Now, unfortunately, I did leave the price in USD (I usually convert prices to CAD, since I’m Canadian) because they only ship to the USA right now. Because I live right near the border in Vancouver, that was OK for me as I just had the flowers sent to a USA holding address. If you live outside the USA, this will be an unfortunate situation.

For those of you who do live in the USA or close enough to the border to take a quick jaunt over the line, this is a wonderful flower delivery option! You can choose the exact date of delivery, and include a personal note with the bouquet, or send anonymously.

I should also note that the VivaRoses website is super simple and easy to use. Have no fear when placing your order. A two year old could figure it out. Not that two year olds should be ordering roses. But anyway.

woman holds white fresh roses in front of a pink salt lamp

womans hand holds fresh mug of coffee mug, with fresh white roses and a white and orange pumpkin in the background
Pumpkins + fresh roses + fresh coffee = happy place.

One of the things that really impressed me with this service was the delivery packaging. Click here for a video where I unbox the roses to see exactly what the packaging looks like and how it’s put together.

But essentially, the roses come tightly packed in a large box, with the heads of the flowers in yet another box for protection. When I pulled them out after their journey to the holding address, a night’s stay at the holding address and a 1-hour car ride to get groceries and go back home, the heads of the flowers were still in perfect condition. That is some immaculate packaging!

I think part of my impressed-ness has to do with the fact that I can hardly handle wrapping Christmas gifts, but then these guys go and package up fragile flowers without a hitch. Damn!

The “In Perfect Harmony” Bouquet
The “In Perfect Harmony” Bouquet

As I finish up writing this post, it is about one week after bringing this bouquet home. The fresh roses are still going strong, there have only been about 4-5 petals lost in the whole bouquet, and the greenery is doing pretty well too. Only one rose seems to be struggling, but that’s purely my fault. I cut the stem too short and forgot to fill the water high enough to reach that stem. Oops!

On another random side note: I’ve never used a flower delivery service before, so I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I was a bit scared that the roses would be damaged in transit, but I was very, very pleasantly surprised. Seriously. The packaging! HOW DO THEY DO IT. After using this service, though, I feel a lot more inclined to try sending flowers to friends or family for special occasions. If you’re in the market for a gift for a loved one and want to surprise them with something beautiful and uplifting, this would do the trick. 100%.

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