Change is Scary….

Hello, friends. As it is Halloween when this post goes up, I thought I’d go ahead and touch on a topic that has a lot of us spooked – chaaaaaaaange (read that in a ghost-voice-echoing-down-the-hall kinda way). I really got thinking about this lately because someone mentioned to me (or I read somewhere, or something) that “change is scary, so you need to make it easy and sexy.” And I feel like that’s so true. I mean, why would you make a change in life when all you can see is the frustration of trying to learn how to do something new?

Changing leaves

For myself, I tend to be “of two minds” when it comes to change. Part of me loves it. I get bored very easily and am constantly looking for something new to amuse myself with. But on the other hand, once I find something I love, I tend to cling to it like white lint on my favourite black sweater…

But I guess there’s a time and a place to change. A time and a place to resist it, and a time and a place to embrace it. And I guess trying to make change a little less scary on this blog, in the ways that are appropriate in my mind. In my mind, changing my life to be more sustainable is a good thing. Hard, time-consuming, yes. But also lots of fun and very aesthetic, if I have my way – haha!

Some good books for fall reading.

But tell me how you feel about it. Is change hard for you? Do you run right towards it? Share in the comments below!

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