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Hey there, friends! Hope you’re having a rad week. I’ve recently been discovering the intricacies and wonderful ease of cooking with squash. I know that sounds extremely boring, but hear me out. Most fall and winter squashes can be easily baked in the oven into delish dishes by simply cutting them in half, scooping out the seeds, and rubbing the flesh of the squash with some olive oil, salt, pepper, and herbs, if you like. I often add a touch of butter to the squash while it’s still hot, just before I eat it. It goes well with just about anything you want: flash friend tofu, cajun chicken, ground beef and mushrooms, whatever your heart desires, really. It’s also soooo good on chilly weekends, like the weekend we shot the photos for this Fair OOTD post from my friend Diane at Noonday Collection. Full disclosure: she sent me this necklace for free in exchange for some photos and a review.

(P.S. head to my Instagram to enter to win the necklace pictured here)

The Aviary Necklace from Noonday Collection

I love this necklace to death, no joke. As proof, I will let you know that I almost froze to death while taking these photos. But there were crispy leaves and little snowflakes falling and I was determined to get some killer photos for you all.

So, what is Noonday Collection? It’s a business empowering artisans around the world by creating and selling fair trade items. These artisans partner with Noonday to start their own business creating Noonday’s Collections. When they are successful with the sustainable business model created by Noonday, these artisan leaders are able to employ others in their communities. And it’s not just the artisans that benefit. People can become “ambassadors” like my friend Diane, and host trunk shows or start their own websites to sell Noonday Items. This provides meaningful, empowering employment at so many steps of the supply chain. That’s the kind of thing I can really get behind!

The necklace I’m showing here is called the Aviary Necklace, created by artisans in India, specifically focusing on providing meaningful work for women, who tend to have fewer opportunities. It’s made with metal (duh) and ethical food source leather. An interesting thing I didn’t know is that in a lot of places in the world, leatherwork is considered “dirty work,” so when an animal is killed for food, the hide is just wasted because people don’t want to be put down for working with it. With this necklace and other items made like it, the artisans are actually empowered to create beautiful items they feel proud of and can earn proper wages to make.

A quick note: I personally rarely buy or wear leather unless I can find it second hand, or from an ethical source, but for methis necklace fits the bill. Lifting people out of poverty, reducing waste and making something beautiful out of a hide that would have otherwise been tossed out is wonderful.

Get the look:

Aviary Necklace | Noonday Collection | $38.00


Thought Clothing

One thing I love about this necklace, and the direction of ethical, fair and sustainable fashion as a whole, is that it’s becoming more and more contemporary and “mainstream” looking, which makes it accessible for everyone. When I first started looking into fair fashion and accessories, most of what I found was really bold and colorful.

While this look is great and fun, it’s not for everyone. I personally only dress in colorful outfits and only invite a lot of color into my decor during the summer. The rest of the year I’m pretty monochrome, like what you see in this post. I like funky fabrics, cuts and designs, but I like more minimalistic colors. Recently in the fair, ethical, sustainable niche I’ve noticed a push towards more neutral-toned and modern-style clothing, accessories, items and decor. Maybe these things have been around for a long time and I’m just discovering them, I dunno. Either way, I think it’s so great that there are so many options. You can have bright, bold, modern, sleek, funky, rustic, minimal, whatever you want and still feel good about your decision.

You just need to know where to look. (hint: look on my blog. I feature it all haha).

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