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Well, friends, look where we are. I am talking about my underwear again, as you do when you’re classy AF. To be honest, I love when I get a chance to talk about something that’s usually sort-of taboo or embarrassing. Part of me gets a weird satisfaction from getting to be the one to kick that door open a little bit. So anyway, let’s check out my undies again, shall we?

hemp thong dyed with herbs and leaves hemp thong dyed with herbs and leaves

For obvious reasons, I will not be showing any photos of myself modelling this lovely thong (which was gifted to me by Jane from Yanlove in exchange for a review and some photos). You all don’t want to see such photos, and I sure don’t wanna take those photos. So we can all just be happy with this exceptional flat-lay photography situation, haha! Also, just a quick PSA: I took the photos of this item before I ever slipped it onto my hiney, so no grossness to be found here.

So, Yanlove. Jane is the creative mastermind behind Yanlove Experience, a brand of clothing, undergarments and swimwear made of hemp and dyed using natural elements like herbs and foraged leaves. To give you an idea of some of her other products, I suggest checking out her Instagram page (@theyanloveexperience) or shopping her Yanlove products on Store Envy.

These undies usually retail for $25 each, or $65 for 3. Yes, that’s more expensive than usual, but if you find synthetic dyes irritating, it could be well worth it!


Personally, I’m so in love with the Bikinis! I looooove the natural, minimal look of the green leaf prints combined with the white strings. What do you think of these designs?

You also know I’m always super down to support Canadian businesses, so I’m pretty happy that Yanlove is based out of Ontario! And, just for the record, it’s not that I don’t love the rest of the world, but you gotta be proud of your home land, right?

To wear this thong is pretty comfy. Full disclosure, I totally thought it would be too small when I took it out of the package, but it turned out to fit fine. The fabric is a normal comfort level and very stretchy. I ordered a medium, as for most clothes I am somewhere between a medium and a large, and in my personal humble opinion, it’s better to have undies that are a little snug, vs. undies that are a little loose. Just be aware that these do fit a little small (in my opinion) so take that into consideration when you go to purchase your items. If you’re someone like me who prefers their undies snug, then go with your regular size. If you like them a bit more loose, maybe go a size up.


Women's Jumpsuits by People Tree

According to Jane, the Yanlove Experience items last best when washed in cool water with more gentle laundry soap. No need to handwash or anything, but don’t be turning the washing machine on lava mode with harsh laundry soap, haha!

Would you ever wear plant-dyed fabric? I personally love the soft look. I find it very calming. I guess I feel like I’m wearing the forest? Is that weird? It probably is weird but whatever. #mylife.

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