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Hi there, friends! Hope you’re having a cozy day. I know I’ve been so stoked because last weekend there was a small dusting of snow in Vancouver and it made me feel so happy to know that Christmas is on the way (I realize that it’s only the beginning of November. Let me live, ok?) Luckily we got outside to take the photos for this post and last Monday’s (which has a giveaway – go check it out!) before the snow really started coming down, but you can probably still see some of the tiny flakes in the air. Other exciting news: I FINALLYYYYYY got an official email address set up (which is with the help of a friend. I gotta tell you, it helps to have friends who know stuff. I actually almost ripped out my hair trying to do it myself (but I obviously didn’t, as you can tell by observing my luscious locks below). But anyway, enough about my lack of computer skills. Let’s get on with this Fair OOTD from Lotusland Imports.

woman wears fair trade necklace
The Jua Kali Necklace in Brass
The Jua Kali Necklace in brass

Lotusland Imports is run by a woman named Susan here in the Vancouver area. She imports ethically made, sustainable jewellery, accessories, and home goods into her studio (which I got to visit to pick out this piece!) The jewellery and accessories she imports are designed by fashion students in Italy and made under fair working conditions by artisans in various countries around the world.

The items she imports are very modern-looking and sleek, but also funky, like the Jua Kali necklace I’m modelling here. According to Susan, Jua Kali more or less translates to “twigs and buds” – and I can totally see why the necklace is named as such. It’s very whimsical and reminiscent of nature!

I first connected with Susan, who runs Lotusland Imports through Instagram. I loved the fact that the designs she showcases are so funky, but also easy to wear because the colors are very neutral, earthy toned or jewel toned. What do you think? Are you as into this design as I am?

Get the look:

Jua Kali Necklace | Lotusland Imports | $70

I know I mentioned this in one of my recent posts, but I will mention it again. I love that sustainable, fair fashion is becoming more and more accessible to everyone, in terms of style. Sleek designs are becoming quite common and easier and easier to find, and I think that’s fantastic! Even with this necklace, I feel that it’s so versatile. Like I mentioned above, it’s quite whimsical in that it reminds me of nature, but it could also look really funky, or it could be dressed up to be part of a very modern looking outfit, which is sort-of the direction I went for this post.



Women's Jumpsuits by People Tree

So what do you think? Would you wear something like this necklace? How would you style it? Modern? Funky? Whimsical? Or something entirely different that I didn’t think of? Let me know in the comments – I love to know your thoughts!

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