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Hello, friends. I hope your long weekend is nice and relaxing (as all long weekends should be). Saturday and Sunday have been pretty chill for me, though I did get out and go to the Remembrance¬†Day ceremony on Saturday morning, and we had a pastor’s appreciation dinner on Sunday evening (yesterday), which was a lot of fun. Yesterday I also finally broke out my 33 Cups of Coffee book that I bought in Portland, which is quite helpful to review and track different types of coffee AND GUESS WHAT I am doing an actual review of an amazing coffee company today.

Yes, my friends. It is happening. I am becoming a professional coffee drinker and I don’t know what else could make me more happy in life. (the answer is nothing. nothing could make me more happy). In all seriousness though, I am not actually a professional coffee drinker, so bear with me if I don’t use the correct terminology here. However, I will do my best to accurately describe the love of my life.

I’ll get into the review of the coffee itself in a second, but first, let’s talk about Ajiri. Ajiri is a distributor of Kenyan coffee and tea, employing women with meaningful work. The gift boxes (which you’ll see below) that Ajiri coffee and tea comes in have labels that are handmade by Kenyan women, providing another means of income. Ajiri has won awards for their amazing tea, and their coffee is wonderfully flavorful and unique.

But what’s really incredible about Ajiri is that 100% of profits from the Ajiri Tea company go back into the Ajiri Foundation, which pays school fees for orphans in Western Kenya.

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Beautiful, handmade labels
Back of the package
Inside the beautiful box is a practical bag of coffee that can be easily stored or emptied into a tin (which is how I store my coffee)

Let’s review this coffee. Since I’m a novice at actually putting words to my coffee experience, I decided to go with my 33 Cups of Coffee book to help me describe this coffee. Since I drink black coffee fairly frequently, I’ve gotten to know different notes within coffees (somewhat) like caramel, earthy, chocolate, citrus, etc. I can recognize if a coffee is smooth or not, bitter or not, etc, but describing this to someone else is a bit of a challenge. But let me try it anyway.

Ajiri sent me one pound of ground AA Kenyan coffee, which I believe was roasted on Oct 25, and I brewed it using the drip method on November 12, so about 3 weeks later. I brewed it with 6-8 cups of water and 2 standard scoops of coffee (which equals roughly 4 tablespoons). This is exactly how I usually brew any coffee I buy, regardless of how dark, light, etc it is, unless the packaging specifies otherwise.

I first tried the coffee black, and later added almond milk (which is the other way I generally drink coffee, to get a feel for both).

This coffee has a very strong, very pleasant aroma of berries, as well as a warm, earthy aroma undertone. I will admit that I don’t think I’ve ever had a coffee with a smell or taste of berries before, but it is so lovely. It lifts the usual heaviness of the coffee and makes it lighter, more fresh and inviting.

The other notes I noticed are:
– A bit caramely at first
– A little tart
– Good body
– Quite clean, and the taste did linger for me
– Not too bitter
– Subtle floral note (which was surprising and oh so lovely)


If you have a coffee lover on your list this Christmas, this is an excellent gift idea (or even a secret Santa situation). $17 gets you the pound of coffee (ground or whole bean) as well as the beautiful gift box. In my personal, humble opinion, the unique flavour would make it an interesting and thoughtful gift for anyone who’s as in love with their coffee as I am.

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