3 Easiest Sustainable Household Items to Switch

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Hey, friends! I want to share with you a few of the easiest ways that you can go sustainable within your own home. These are ways that are relatively inexpensive, very convenient, and easy if you live in the city, or just any place with good grocery store selection. Personally, I can almost always (like, 99% of the time) find these top 3 things at any Save-On-Foods, Superstore, Safeway, Whole Foods (of course) and others. They are also suuuuper easy to find online (I’ll share direct links to the amazon shopping pages below).

Sometimes I feel like the products I tend to feature on this blog are pretty lofty, so I want to bring it back to the roots and chat about things that are super accessible and easy to do. As I always say, you don’t need to make a radical life change like I did in order to make a difference. Sometimes just making one or two small changes at once is a perfect way to start making a positive impact.

Also, random side-note before we get into this post: toilet paper is something I will not be featuring here….. because I’ve never had a good experience with sustainable toilet paper brands. Recycled fibres, bamboo fibres, whatever. It’s not a good time. Don’t do it. Sticking with my Charmin for now until someone makes a brand of sustainable TP that’s actually softer than a cheese grater.

1. Switch your cleaners

There are SO many incredible household cleaners out there now that are made more sustainably than the more common like Clorox or Palmolive. I did have to try out a couple duds before finding my faves, but I will save you the trouble of also going through this by listing a couple of my favourite household cleaners below to get you started. Also please note that certain brands like Method have some great products, and some not great products (you can check the specifics on Other brands like Seventh Generation are pretty great all around.


2. Switch your paper towel

This is honestly the easiest of the three. Seventh Generation makes pretty good paper towels that are made of recycled fibres, and I’m sure there are other brands out there that do the same thing. I almost always find the recycled paper towels in the same aisle as the regular ones, which makes it so easy. You can also find it on Amazon… which is awesome if you like online shopping!

3. Switch your coffee or tea

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Usually in the health food, vegan, gluten-free or alternative foods section, Fair Trade coffee or tea is an awesome alternative product to try. There are so many brands and flavours available (like Ajiri – who gives 100% of proceeds back to charity). When you’re in the health/alternative/GF aisle, just look for the little fair trade symbol on the packaging. But again, I will link a couple of my faves below for you to check out and get your started!

So, I hope this helps you navigate the world of household items and sort-of acts like a “compass.” One of the greatest things these days, in my opinion, is that you can generally find these products both in-store and online. That’s amazing because it makes it accessible to anyone, even if you don’t live near a store that regularly stocks this type of item.

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