I’m a Bad Minimalist

Hi, friends. I originally posted this on the Minimalism Amino app, but because you guys tend to show such interest in my minimalism posts, I’m sharing it here, too.

So yes. I said it. I’m horrible at this minimalism thing, which is kind of why I started in the first place. My tendency is to hoard, hoard, hoard useless, broken, unnecessary things.

While I may never be a true minimalist, at least trying to adopt the mindset of The Mustards or Rachel Aust is helping me immensely. I’m saving money, I’m feeling less anxious, I’m more aware of myself. And it’s not just the “having less things” that I’m awful at but trying my darndest to be mediocre at. It’s an aesthetic too. I used to “put up with” decor and shapes that clash. Now I embrace simple design that flows together.

White, grey, earth tones, jewel tones, black on black. I live for it.

At Steadfast Tattoo in Colorado getting tattoos with my sister.

I now try to collect memories and experiences, not things. A walk with my husband in the rain. An impromptu tattoo with my sister because she’s scared to get her first one and I’ve always wanted an impromptu tattoo. I usually would have bought cheap, cluttery clothes with that $250. But now I wear a beautiful memory forever.

That’s good space to take up.

I’m slowly learning the difference.

Breathe it in.

Because I’m bad at this, which is why I’m trying it in the first place.

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