Staying Cozy with the Wine Time Candle from Darn Good Yarn

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Hey, friends. Hope you’re enjoying your Friday night. I know I am! I’m keeping cosy with some Mad Men, Earl Grey tea, and a good candle from Darn Good Yarn. Now that it’s December I am in full snuggle-with-a-blanket mode and totally living for it. Plus, Darn Good Yarn was kind enough to send this candle to share with you all and what’s not to love about that?


This candle, called Wine Time has notes of Chardonnay and Egyptian Amber, a perfectly balanced, warm scent for your next girl’s night in (or just a night in, like me. No shame in my game.) According to the website, it should burn for about 40 hours. You can get it online for $18.99 USD / $24.40 CAD.

I’m trying to take it pretty easy tonight because I got my large-ish shoulder cap tattoo completed on Wednesday. Since I get sick easily, self-care after a tattoo is super important for me, and a night in is one of my favourite ways to recharge. Also, sometimes instead of watching a show, I’ll read a book. Lately I’ve been reading The Bees by Laline Paull, but I’ve sort-of been pining after Alice in Wonderland, one of my all-time favourite books. I’ve read it through a few times over my life, and have read a couple “spin-off” type books too. It’s one of those stories that sort-of grabbed my imagination from the beginning. Then when I learned the history of the book and what it’s become, I loved it even more. Sort-of because the whole book is an accidental trolling of the entire adult world. Without getting much into it, it was apparently written to be somewhat nonsensical and wild and entertain kids… but now the story and Wonderland have this cult following of adults who derive so much meaning from it. I find that pretty hilarious!


ANYWAY back to being cosy etc. This candle actually arrived at the perfect time, since my cranberry spice candle from who-knows-where is basically at the end of its rope (get it… because a wick is a tiny rope. ha.) so I was looking to get another warm, soothing scent to burn.

What are some of your favourite self-care or cosy evening rituals? Besides the candle + tea + blanket + show or book combo, I also love to have a bath with some bath bombs, or even working out can be a form of self-care for me. I’d love to know your rituals or routines. Share them below!

Sometimes it’s fun to just flip through the pages… which is what kids do. I know. Leave me alone.

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