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Hello, friends. Hope you had a great weekend, or maybe you’re gearing up for the holiday season and finding it really hectic. Either way, whether I’m having a chill day or a crazy day, a little pampering and self-care goes a long way to make me feel good. This past weekend hubby and I spent time at his family’s place, and I took some time to try out some natural skin care items – specifically a new fair trade coffee face & body mask that was gifted to me from Natural Joe. I’ve also been using their organic Camu Camu under eye cream that they gifted to me as well, which I’ll get into later in this post…. But before I do, let me introduce you to Natural Joe.

A Toronto-based line, they create cruelty-free, all natural skin care and body products using ingredients like coffee, coconut oil, rosemary, and cane sugar. Many ingredients are organic, and all are listed clearly on the package. What’s not to love??

Natural Joe mask & under eye serum

natural face scrub

Fair Trade All Natural Body & Face Coffee Scrub from Natural Joe

This face and body scrub is pretty easy to use, just wet your face and gently massage across your face or body. I emphasize gently because roughly rubbing non-spherical particles across your face can be damaging and cause micro-tears on your skin. Which is something you do not want. In fact, I think this is where the micro-bead situation kinda got started, but micro-beads are very bad for the environment, so stick with natural scrubs like coffee and sugar!

Leave on for about 5-10 minutes (I did 7ish) then gently rinse off. You will be left with ultra smooth, moisturized skin! For obvious reasons, I don’t have any photos of using this on the rest of my body, but rest assured that this scrub works wonders all over!

After using Natural Joe’s coffee scrub, my skin was, in my opinion, positively glowing. Is it OK to be excited when your adult face feels like a baby’s bum? I think so. We’re gonna stick with that!

Plus, as I said before, a little self-care can go a long, long way in making one feel like a new person. When you pause and spend a little time on yourself, great things happen to your mind, and in turn, your body. Something I’ve become increasingly aware of lately is how interconnected our minds and bodies are. Each one has such a profound affect on the other. Why not do something for yourself that caters to both? (hello, efficiency!)

After rinsing off the scrub, I applied a bit of Natural Joe’s under eye nectar. The under eye serum is amazing. It really boggled me at first because I thought that the yellow tint of the serum could have been what cancelled out my purplish circles (because yellow neutralizes purple on the colour wheel). However, after doing a bit more research, it was confirmed that coffee actually is known to do some amazing things for your skin, including reducing under eye bags and discolouration.

Women's Jumpsuits by People Tree
Organic Camu Camu under eye nectar

See my before and after photos below. Yes, I know this is a horrible angle for me, but it’s the one that shows my eye bags the most on camera, so it gives the best before and after comparison. Sorry for the crappy quality, these were not edited at all, because that would skew the results.

BEFORE using the serum. No makup and a regular night’s sleep.


AFTER using the serum for about 3 days, 1-2 times per day. No makeup, regular night’s sleep.

As you can see in the second photo, my skin was actually much, much worse (yay…….), but my under eye area was doing considerably better than normal. There’s still a bit of discolouration, but it’s not nearly as dramatic, and the puffiness is basically gone.

If you’re interested, grab yours online from Natural Joe directly:

Organic Camu Camu Under Eye Nectar | Natural Joe | $40
Joescrub Coffee Body & Face Mask (150g) | Natural Joe | $14

So what do you think? I always love to hear your thoughts in the comments! Would you try a natural coffee scrub? How about a coffee infused under eye serum? Let me know your thoughts on this natural skin care line down below!!

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